Thursday, June 5, 2014

Enjoying a Screened Porch

We have been able to spend a little time on the screened porch.

My herbs are on this porch, love the way they smell when I water them!

There was a set of dishes at the thrift store that practically begged to come home with me. There was no choice, I had to bring them home and put them in the hutch.

The same day, I found this at a discount store. I loved what it said, that is what we want to happen to new guests. They may enter as strangers, but we want them to leave as friends!
We have entertained a couple of times on this porch now. It is a great place to relax, enjoy the company of friends and of course a large glass of iced tea!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Musing - Sweet Iced Tea

Iced Tea and summer go hand in hand. It is difficult to imagine one without the other, in fact it just may be some type of crime. That probably is not true up north, but in the south, it is just downright disrespectful and wrong. I am truly concerned about the character of a person that does not drink iced tea. Perhaps their disposition and character could be greatly improved by this beverage.

If you have rocking chairs on your porch, then you need a glass of iced tea to go with them, and a few moments to stop and enjoy that cool glass of deliciousness. A pitcher of this heavenly drink is made daily at our house. The problem is this, my husband claims that someone apparently sneaks into our house in the summer and drinks all of our tea. It obviously is not him drinking all of the tea. Whoever this person is, they take the last brownie, cookie, slice of cake, and get the very last scoop of ice cream too. I am only guessing, but the tea bandit probably looks exactly like my husband.

We have a swing on our front porch, and that gentle swinging motion causes iced tea to taste even better. It is the same way with a rocking chair. If a cool breeze is blowing while you are doing either, the tea is more refreshing. A carbonated drink just does not quench your thirst in the same way.

Sweet tea is often called the house wine of the south because it is served everywhere. It is hard to find a home where iced tea is not served. Iced tea is served at our house in Mason jars. It is my personal belief that this affects the taste of the tea. Each cook has their own method of making tea; the time for steeping varies as does the choice of sweetener, and each person’s tea tastes different. Whatever the preferred method, each cook knows how the tea should taste.

As for Kevin and me, we will enjoy our iced deliciousness on the front porch in the swing. Blow the horn if you see us out there. I would offer you a glass but those tea bandits have probably drank it all if my husband is around. So if you drop by, just make sure you brought your own tea.

Monday, May 26, 2014

An Update

My brother came home from the hospital! We are grateful that we still have him and thrilled that he was able to come home!
Todd had one of those heart attacks that few people are able to recover from. He is very lucky and very blessed! Thank you for your prayers and kind comments! Please know that you are appreciated and I would ask that you keep Todd in your prayers, he still has a long road ahead. Thanks again!

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Monday Musing - Life is Fragile

The Monday Musings usually appear in our local paper before appearing here. This week is different, this column has not appeared in the paper.
Last week, my 44 year old brother had a massive heart attack. He is the health nut in the family. His recovery has been slow, but a slow recovery is better than no recovery!
This makes me think about so many things. What if it were my husband? How can this happen to someone so healthy and strong? What are my brother's chances of having another one? What are the chances that my youngest brother could suffer one? What about the children, what are their chances? The list of questions seems endless. The answers are more difficult. Life is short and precious. We never know when it will be taken away.
Last week, as we rushed out of town to be with family, I called my daughter and asked if she wanted us to pick her up. We were almost involved in a wreck, as we turned onto her street, but fortunately my husband was able to avoid a collision. We narrowly missed a deadly accident. Life is indeed precious!
The past week has been spent dealing with family and friends wanting updates. It has been overwhelming, rarely leaving a moment to myself. The end of the day finds me exhausted and not wanting to talk to anymore. Some have gotten angry because they feel that I haven't given them daily updates as quickly as they would have liked, but these same people lack the understanding that I am not able to sit for 2 hours at a time to discuss the "what if"s of the situation. They don't mean harm to me, they are concerned for my brother, but fail to realize the emotional toll this takes on the rest of the family. The concern of others for my brother has been appreciated, but difficult for us to deal with. We are all exhausted physically and emotionally. Keeping everyone updated has been a task that I have failed. There simply has not been enough of me to go around. I don't apologize for that.
The situation has been compounded by the fact that I haven't been able to be there for 5 days now. He is my brother and I can't be there, that is more difficult than I can express. He is however recovering and for that I am grateful. His life was spared. When he got up last Tuesday morning, he probably had no idea that he would suffer a massive heart attack and end up in I.C.U. His life almost ended. He will come to realize how close he came to not being here with us anymore. He will learn that life is fragile and precious.
I haven't been able to visit you like I wanted, but I will get there! I have missed my friends in blogland!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Updated Spice Cabinet

A few weeks ago I posted about the cabinet below. That post is here. I asked for suggestions and loved what you  had to say!
The cabinet was painted white and the upper and lower doors removed. Baskets were placed on the bottom shelves and filled with dish towels.

The knobs were temporarily replaced. I am looking for some great vintage glass knobs.

Still undecided as to what should be placed on the shelves, but for now a few vintage creamers were placed on the shelves.

Taking pictures gives you the opportunity to see things that you may not have noticed before. I am not calling names, but apparently someone or something with 4 legs perhaps, felt the need to investigate what was on the lower shelves as I turned my back for a few moments.
This is more than likely the guilty party. She was sitting in a chair at the table. I wondered why she was acting so innocent.
Her name is Tallulah Bell, but thinking we should call her Mischievous Little Stinker.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

We have had the opportunity to watch some of our animals become Mothers. Ironically, the animals here view motherhood as a privilege. They are just animals, but have knowledge that too many humans lack. My favorite animal mother was Hoppy.

Hoppy was a crippled chick that wanted to live the best chicken life that she could. Hoppy went broody one hot July. She took eggs from the other hens nest and set on them. There was only 1 egg that belonged to her in that small clutch. Hoppy set joyfully; it was her goal to become a Mother. She watched the other hens lay their eggs only to walk away from them.

Hoppy set on her small clutch of 5 eggs faithfully, despite the oppressive heat. We did our best to keep her as cool as possible and fresh cool water was kept nearby for her. One hot August day I heard peeping coming from the chicken pen. A Dominicker chick hat hatched, this was obviously not Hoppy’s egg.

It did not matter to Hoppy, she was a mother now, and her dream had finally come true. Hoppy was so proud of her chick, it would be the only one to hatch. Hoppy cared for her baby, and you could see the pride in her eyes. She was a Mother now and she had an opportunity to give the love and guidance that a chick would need to live a successful chicken life.

The baby chick grew quickly. Hoppy knew that her job had not ended as soon as the chick hatched. There was still work to be done and she would finish her job as Mother. The weather began to grow cool and one cool evening, I found the small Hoppy sitting close to her almost grown and rather large baby chick with a wing stretched over him to keep him warm. Hoppy remained a devoted and dedicated Mother for the rest of her life. Her role may have changed as her chick grew, but she had adapted to each change.

We can learn from Hoppy’s example. Hoppy knew that she didn’t need her egg to be a real Mother. She did her best and took care of her chick. Happy Mother’s Day to each Mother that worked hard and cared for their little ones, you knew the work and dedication required to raise young ones even if they did not belong to you.          

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Musing - Early Mother's Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and Mother’s deserve a special day. it is hard work raising a kid! My daughter was a lot of fun to raise, even though I think that she had a lot of nerve to grow up when I was still having fun with her. There were things that we didn’t get to do, we ran out of time. The truth is that Motherhood still had trying and difficult moments, even for a Mama that was blessed with a great kid like mine.

Once again I am reminded that God knew what He was doing. Our Creator gives us our offspring as babies. Sweet, innocent, precious, and cuddly babies, you can’t help but love them. If God started parents out with teenagers as offspring, then the human race would have ceased to exist. He had to start us out with babies, so we would get attached to them, that way we would be less likely to try and return them.

Imagine hearing a loud thud outside as the stork delivered your brand new teenager, complete with that teen attitude. The first thing your brand new teen would do is complain about the trip and the ignorant stork that brought said teen to your door. Clearly the teen wanted to go to a different more upbeat home. A cool and happening kind of place where there aren’t any dumb rules. We would all throw rocks at that stork, knock him out of the sky, catch him and demand that he take that difficult teen back to the cabbage patch that it came from. Can you imagine how strong a stork’s beak would have to be in order to carry new born teenagers?

Yes, God knew what he was doing in giving us babies instead of teens. God had a plan, and knew how that plan would be carried out. Motherhood must have played a part in His plan.

Sunday is the day that we say thanks to our Mothers, birth and adopted, for the job that they did for us. We are each imperfect and flawed, but most of us attempt to do the best job that we can do in raising our babies. Thanks Mama for doing your job as a mother. It must have been real hard work raising my brothers! Happy Mother’s Day to my Mama!