Monday, October 12, 2009

Meet Cloe

Our goat is named Cloe. Cloe has her own distinct personality, her own likes and dislikes, and her own cookie jar. If you are wise, you will not stand between her and a cookie, you could get hurt. Cloe is uniquely Cloe.

When Cloe first came to live with us, I tried to win her affections with lettuce. It didn't work. I tried to coax her with apple slices. It didn't work. I tired handfuls of cracked corn. It didn't work. Neither did handfuls of feed. What could I do to win her affections? I tried to come up with something, and I finally thought that I would try one more thing. Animal cookies. We are now friends, very good friends. I have successfully won her affection. And now she will eat the apples, lettuce, cracked corn and most importantly her feed. Cloe did not care for being touched when she came here, and she wasn't particularly fond of the dog. How can I milk a her if I can't get my hands on her? Slowly, that has changed, but she still is not friends with the dog. Cloe quickly made friends with the cats and allows them to enter her pen, however that dog still isn't welcome. If I could just train the dog to take cookies to Cloe, maybe that would change the goat and dog relationship. Or not.

As much as I have grown to like Cloe, she has a purpose here, and no it is not barbecue! I want goat milk and cheese. So Cloe will be introduced to a male next month. If all goes well, we should have kids next spring.

Have I mentioned that I have never milked a goat? This should be quite an experience. I wonder how many cookies it will take to convince her that this is a good idea. Time will tell.


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