Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Super Roo

Super Roo is my hero and protector. He guards the gate and proudly stands, protecting the chicken yard kingdom where he is king. He waits every morning and evening for me. As I open the gate he stands beside me and walks with me to feed the others. He grabs a quick bite to eat as I gather the eggs. Then we change the water, he escorts me to the gate and sometimes walks with me to dump the old water on the chicken garden. Then he walks with me as I bring in the fresh water. Super Roo stands beside me as I work in the pen, keeping the others away from me. As I am leaving his chicken yard kingdom, he walks with me to the gate keeping me safe from the evil Rhode Island Red sisters, who are always waiting to peck someone hard.

Super Roo will turn his head to the side, look up at me and attempt to communicate with me. I don't know what he is trying to tell me, but it must be important. This rooster likes me for some reason. He feels the need to protect me. Could it be that he remembers that I raised him and this is why he acts this way? Or am I just the food lady to Super Roo?

Super Roo was given this name because he protects me. When we started with the chickens, there were 10 birds, 3 of which turned out to be roosters. Normally we would not name livestock, but Super Roo is the exception. The roosters in our flock were simply referred to as #1, #2. and #3, according to pecking order. The #2 rooster developed a nasty attitude, wanting desperately to become the #1 rooster, and began to fly up at both of us as we entered the chicken yard.
One morning, as #1 was eating and I was gathering the eggs, the #2 rooster and the evil Rhode Island Red sisters decided that the eggs would not be leaving the pen. I found myself backed into a corner. The only thing that I could do was yell for #1 and pray that he came to help me. He quickly came running to my defense and took care of the situation. Let's just say that he kicked bird butt! #1 had taken care of me and was deserving of a new name, so he became Super Roo.
#2 was becoming increasingly aggressive towards me in particular, there had been other incidents, and sadly I knew that it was time to do something before I got hurt. Kevin walked into the chicken yard and immediately #2 flew up at him trying to spur him. He agreed that it was time. So now there are 2 roosters in the chicken yard and Super Roo remains the #1 rooster and the king of the chicken yard kingdom. He is a proud king and stands at the gate, waiting for me each morning. Protecting me as I do my work in the chicken yard. Daring the evil Rhode Island Red sisters to go near me. The chicken yard is safe, thanks to Super Roo. My hero and protector.

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