Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time Flies, Even If You Are Not Having Fun!

I have neglected this blog. There, I said it. Work gets in the way of having fun. I can only attempt to do better in the future.
The arrival of spring was more than welcome here. This was an unusually rough winter, and baby chicks were happily welcomed! I guess that everyone is wanting chicks this year, as it was difficult to get them this year. The gentleman at the hardware store told us, that if you wanted chicks, you had to get there early, as they were selling out before the day's end. We added 2 Rhode Island Red's and 3 Americauna's. The novelty of blue eggs doesn't wear off for me. Besides, it amazes my friends when I give them a blue egg. In my experience, Americaunas are not as aggressive as other birds.
The local hardware store is offering a money back guarantee, if you find that you have purchased a rooster. I was happy to hear that! It is disappointing to purchase chicks, only to find that you have some roosters in there. That should not happen again this year!
As usual, much to do here, so I had better get started.