Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Hear A Symphony

Want to know a secret? Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I like to sit outside at night. I can lose track of time just sitting there watching what is going on around me. Sometimes, Kevin has to remind me that it is past my bedtime, and I need to come inside.
There are all kinds of things happening around me. There is a symphony that God sends to my backyard every night. Tonight I heard the crickets and the frogs from the swamp. The ducks, or the horn section, honks in from time to time. There are nights that we get a free laser show too. I am fascinated to see the lightning make its' way across the sky. The barn cats play, enjoying the cool night air, the rabbits play in their pens, the ducks honk in the symphony from time to time, the chickens have gone to roost for the night, the dog is resting quietly, and Cloe is quiet.
No matter how many times I watch and listen, it never gets old, or tiresome. I do find myself remembering the night sky of my childhood, and the lightning bugs that were plentiful. The sky was dark, as there were fewer lights invading the sky then. The wonders of technology are not always so fabulous. It appeared to be so close that you could reach out and touch the stars. The stars looked more like diamonds, on a background of black velvet. Since it was darker, there appeared to be more stars. There was also less traffic, especially on country roads, it was rare that a car passed by. Lightning bugs are rarely seen now.
Have these sights and sounds vanished forever? Somehow, I doubt that the businesses on the nearby highway would consider turning off their lights so that people could enjoy the night sky or that residents of the country would turn off their security lights. Sadly, I am afraid to say that these sights have vanished for good. I have that memory, but generations after mine, will not, even if they are lucky enough to grow up in the countryside. Even in a rural area like this one, outside of a small town, the night sky has changed. It is a sight that exists only in the memories of those that lived where velvety skies with diamond lights twinkled.
Tonight, I heard the symphony that plays through the countryside, it brings the same comfort to me, that my mother did when she rocked me to sleep as a small child. The sounds make my eyelids heavy, and I am reminded of how drowsy I have become. Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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Cloe has it made, and she knows it!

Questions We Are Asked

We are asked many questions about the way of life that we have chosen. Sometimes, I have to shake my head in disbelief.

A lady asked recently if we "petted our pretty little chickens, and would it be okay if she petted them", I stood there for a minute. The thought that almost made its' way to my lips was "Sure, you can pet that bird with the bright red thingie on the top of his head, and if he flys at you and throws his feet up in the air, he just wants to give you a high five". But I refrained from that answer, and attempted to explain to her that it would not be a good idea to do that. She didn't understand, and wanted to know why they had to be in that pen. This lady lacked the understanding that this was for her own protection!

Another question we are asked, is why we do not keep our livestock in the house? Seriously, you have to ask that? They are livestock, enough said? Do you want them in your house? I do take care of our animals, and I enjoy watching the dynamics of each group, their personalities, their individual likes and dislikes, and I do name them, but I name everything! Including my tool box, her name is Beatrice, she is pink, so are the tools, and she has a purpose too. What man wants to use pink tools from a tool bag named Beatrice? However, as much as I want to take care of them, each animal has a purpose here, and piling up in my house, on my couch, and leaving surprise packages everywhere is not their purpose.

Do we eat our chickens? No we don't. We are not opposed to that practice, we just have not done that. The purpose for our chickens, is to produce eggs, and yes I know that a chicken can serve both purposes. We reserve the right to change our minds at any moment.

Do you need a rooster to get eggs? I always want to ask if they really meant to ask that question. Think about how the "birds and bees" thing works. You need a rooster to have fertile eggs.

Does the rooster lay eggs too? Refer to the above answer.

Can you really eat duck eggs? Try my cake, or brownies, or cookies etc.! Get the picture? Duck eggs produce moist, and rich baked goods. I use them in homemade breads too. I don't do it if I am cooking for someone that thinks that this practice is "gross".

My husband is often asked what his wife does? My inner smarty pants has an answer for those people. I work, that is what I do everyday. However, my work is different now, as a result of the choices that we made together.

I am amazed that in an area that is rural, that we have to answer the questions that we answer. Have this many people become so far removed from a real country life that they must ask such questions? Those that were raised in the country "back when" and have left country life for the things that are offered by cities, are often just as bad. Their questions show a lack of knowledge that amazes me.

I offered my eggs to someone that declined because they prefer the "real" eggs in the grocery store. We have become a society that is based on rampant consumerism to a point that we will reject what is good, for the quick fix of purchasing something that our bodies do not need, makes us sick, is generally disposable and often toxic, or is not the slightest bit healthy, instead of taking a moment to think before a choice is made. That quick fix includes things that are not eaten as well as foods that are eaten. It is almost humorous that these are the same people that reject our lifestyle, and eat "real" eggs from the grocery store, as opposed to the fake eggs that our girls lay. I laugh because these grocery store eggs come from the same place, the chicken's vent, that our eggs do. Guess that I need to learn more about these "real" eggs.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fresh Vegetables

This is what we got out of the garden yesterday. I also picked a coupe of tomatoes, which did not make it into this picture.
Kevin had never eaten squash, zucchini, cauliflower, or okra until we grew it. He found out that he likes it!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

3 Sister's Garden

This year we planted a 3 sister's garden. The corn is planted in the center, the beans are planted in a circle around the corn, and squash around the beans. The corn supports the beans, the beans produce nitrogen, which helps the corn to grow, and the squash shades weeds, and prevents their growth.
This year has been an unusual year for gardening. It started late, temperatures became hot, too quickly, and we are currently experiencing a drought. If we had not watered, we would not have anything in the garden. In spite of all of this, the 3 sister's garden has produced well. We will definitely be doing this again next year, hopefully under better conditions!
Rain is in the forecast, scattered showers possible, that is not very encouraging.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Learning to Crow

This is my spraddle legged chick, and it is a rooster. Insert heavy sigh here. He is learning to crow, and it sounds awful! Really awful, like someone is strangling him awful.
Does he remember what I did for him when he was a newly hatched chick, that couldn't hold himself up?Does he remember that one leg went left and the other went right? Does he remember that he couldn't hold his body upright, and I helped him? Does he remember that he would have died if I hadn't put him in poultry physical therapy? Probably not.
We know how this story will eventually end, question is how long will this story last?
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Monday, June 20, 2011

My Front Porch

I love decorating the porch! I painted the flag last year, can't remember where I saw the idea, so I can't give credit to the right person. I love junk too, I think that rust gives character to a piece. I am the person that says, wait a minute, I could do something with that! Then again, I have never been one to keep up with everybody else, I don't need for my home to look like the next house. It is uniquely mine. Just like the rusty cart and hand painted flag in the picture. I don't follow decorating rules, as a matter of fact I look for ways to break the decorating rules. Our home is decorated to make US happy, and it does just that.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I start this day with so many emotions. Daddy has Alzheimer's, and for the last 2 years, we have wondered, at every holiday, if this would be the last holiday that he would remember. This year is different, we know that if we still have him next year, he won't remember any holiday that we have had, much less what we will do today for Father's Day.
Daddy was raised in a log cabin, along with 10 sisters and brothers. He was born during the depression. He told us so many stories of his childhood, stories of the hardships, fun they had as children, how things were done on the farm then, and the mischief that they took part in and caused. He shared so many wonderful stories with us.
When he met Mama, he was with someone else. They met at church. My parents dated for 2 years before they married, and my Mama had no idea the adventure that lay ahead for her. Daddy always told us that he wanted more for us than what he had as a child, and he made sure that we had more than he did. Daddy was amazing in his everyday life, there was no need to save amazing for special times.
My parents remodeled an older house, the majority of the work was done by them. Why should he hire someone to do the things that he could do himself, and do better? But it was not just the experience of remodeling an older house that was important, it was the learning experience that he provided for us. We learned about carpentry, plumbing, wood working, or any skill that goes with the remodeling experience. I remember lying on the ground, underneath the house, helping put the plumbing in our house. He patiently taught us about these things while he worked, and allowed us to work too. If we made a mistake, he showed us how to correct it. We did it all, from putting in the insulation, to hanging the drywall, puttying and sanding (I hated that!) to the painting and hanging wall paper. He and a friend made and installed the kitchen cabinets. Describing Daddy as amazing seems insufficient.
We did not know it at the time, but the lessons that we were learning then, would go with us for the rest of our lives. Whether it was the remodel of an older home, hand raising an orphaned calf, planting a garden, watching the weather, or watching him in a business endeavor, those were important lessons that would shape our young lives, and make us the people we are today. He provided us with his examples of how to live, and guided each one of us even as adults. Daddy didn't view his job as a parent, as a job, or a job with an end.
My memories of Daddy don't just include what he did with his hands, there were the more important things that he gently shared. We saw him read his Bible, and every Sunday morning he sat at his desk, and wrote out his check. Daddy tithed his money not out of obligation, but considered it a privilege to do so. It was my job to take the money that he had for each of us to give, and put it in the offering envelopes and fill the envelopes out. Daddy thought about others around him, he played a vital role in this community having a fire department. Daddy taught us the importance of looking around at the world you live in, to see where you could make a difference.
It is more heartbreaking than I can express, to now see this brilliant man that has given so much of himself, struggle with everyday tasks. I watch him struggle to walk, and listen to him speak partial sentences that seem to have no meaning. I see him look at me and struggle to find my name in his memory and answer him, even when he says the wrong name.
He will never know that I write this blog, or that I have written about him. Daddy can't read the stories that I write about my animals, he can no longer scratch my silly goat on her head, look at my new chicks, hold the new rabbits, give me advice, or help me do anything. Daddy seemed to thrive on helping us, and now he can't, and now he does not even know that he can't help us anymore. He can't sing with me, play the piano, discuss current events, or offer advice. We can't share the playful arguing that we have always shared. Several years ago, I purchased a cabinet from a man. He went with me to get it. Daddy insisted on keeping the cabinet at the shop to clean it, he also had in mind to paint the cabinet. I had it in mind NOT to paint the cabinet! We argued about that, and Mama helped me out, she told him that I really did not want to paint the cabinet. Until the last couple of years, we argues about that cabinet! Every time that he came to my house, he would ask if I had painted that cabinet. I would tell him that I had not, he would tell me that I needed to. I would tell him that I was not going to. And so it went, the playful arguing continued, but he really did want me to paint the cabinet! I never did paint the cabinet.
We have precious memories which in all honesty does very little at this moment to provide any comfort. Instead, I prefer to continue to look for those "ray of sunshine" moments that come unexpectedly. Such as the moment we shared last week. I have his sense of humor, if you can call it that, and we have shared so many laughs together, things that only the two of us would find amusing. He had a toothpick in his mouth, and he looked at me with that twinkle in those gorgeous blue eyes, and asked if I would like his toothpick? He smiled and chuckled. I told him that I did not, he proceeded to explain to me that it was a very good toothpick, and I was missing an opportunity in refusing his toothpick. We laughed, and for a precious few moments, I had my Daddy with me. The laughter we shared does not come often enough now, those ray of sunshine moments grow fewer and farther between. With each moment, I wonder if this is the last one.
Alzheimer's doesn't just steal the past, it steals the present and future, devouring it's victims while their loved ones watch helplessly, like an angry beast. I watch this and wonder if I will become a victim as well. Will my brothers, and what about our children? More than I don't want this disease for myself, I don't want it for my loved ones. I wonder when I can't remember a name, misplace something, or can't remember a phone number, is this my fate as well? Time will tell.
Daddy, I know that you will not read this, but you have been an awesome father to us! You have given us so much, you have helped to shape and teach us. The imprint that you have left on your children and grandchildren will go with us forever. Thank you does not seem to be enough, but we do, we thank you Daddy. You gave us your best, and you made our lives better. You did not save amazing for special occasions, you gave it to us everyday! I have tried to tell you this in my lifetime, I hope that you knew it. Unless I too, fall victim to this vicious, cruel beast, I will carry those memories with me. Thank you Daddy, for being the Daddy that you were to us! Thank you for loving our Mama! You have taken the best care of Mama and us, and loved and guided us in your incredible awesome and amazing ways! You taught us that life was imperfect, and so were we. We were going to make mistakes, and what we chose to do about those mistakes, was more important that the mistakes. You gave us your best, I love you Daddy! Happy Father's Day! I will remember it for you when you can't.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Yesterday, I pulled my New Year's Resolutions List out. I was pleased to see the progress that been made. It was a good feeling to be able to check off items that had been completed. There were books on the list that could be checked off, the garden had been planned, planted and is now being harvested, we chose not to acquire a new breed of chickens, some projects here had been completed, and then there was the category without checks. Not a single check was there.

The category was for my paintings. I have not completed a single painting this year. Of course that does not include the furniture that I have painted. Or does that count? No, I know that it doesn't, just looking for an excuse here. Looking for a reason to say that I have done something. In truth, there are excuses that I could use, I am busy here first of all. But a Resolution list is not about excuses, it is about setting goals, and getting them done in a year's time.

Now I am asking myself, what if I do not meet that goal, could I do half of it? And I am changing my resolution to accomplish half of that goal, and posting it here to keep me motivated! 6 completed paintings before the end of the year, completed, not just started and not finished for whatever reason. 6 paintings that I would show, not the ones that I put in the closet, they don't count. I know when I make that list every year, that every single item on that list will not be completed. Some items will get changed from the original plan, some will be completed early, some will hang on to the last minute, and there is one item that gets carried over every year. Not telling how many times! Completing that afghan! Why is that so hard?

With the knowledge that I can't even think about that afghan right now, I will continue to work on the list, complete as much as I can, and know that the afghan will probably get carried over again next year.

How about you? Do you have a list that you haven't completed? If so pull it out now and have a look. What do you still have time to complete? If you haven't made a list, then start one now. Make a list of the things that you want to accomplish before the end of the year, and see how many of those things you can check off the list. You will be surprised what you can accomplish! There is a sense of satisfaction in completing a task for me. That list is not for anyone but myself, it is a reminder of what I want to do, and a positive reminder of what I can do! Completed tasks are motivation for me! Now where did I put that paint brush?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rooster Stories

Wouldn't you just love to know what this young girl is thinking?

She is an Americauna, and will lay blue eggs. Americaunas are my favorite breed. The ones that I have had, are gentle, and it seems to take roosters longer to become aggressive. Now that I have written that, my rooster will be waiting for me this morning, for his first attack!

When we discovered that we had roosters in out first flock, I thought that I had better learn how to live with them. I read everything that I could find about roosters. It seems that the most important thing was to establish dominance early. One way to do this was to chase them. In my best Meredith Grey voice, I asked "seriously?".

When I read that advice, I had one rooster that chased ME! I think that he liked to hear me scream. One day, he cornered me in the pen, fortunately Super Roo was there to help me. He saved me that day. This story ended when my husband came home. Then there were 2 roosters.

So I thought that everything would be okay, because Super Roo and I, well we were sort of friends. Not really friends, I just accepted the fact that he was THE rooster in chicken yard. He walked beside me, watched me gather eggs, kept the evil Rhode Island Red sisters away from me, there was only 1 problem, he didn't like Kevin. Perhaps hate, strong desire to hurt, and extreme dislike would better describe Super Roo's feelings for my husband. Super Roo wanted to dominate Kevin. My husband said that he could stay, as long as he didn't hurt me. And then, one day I was gathering eggs, Kevin heard me screaming, he came running, and then there was 1 rooster in the chicken yard. Super Roo was no longer my hero, protector, personal guide in the chicken yard, or friend. Got a scar on my leg from that one!

We were left with an Americauna rooster. He was a happy boy! Now HE was THE rooster. I decided that it was time to establish my position in the chicken yard. So I chased him, just as I had read to do. Yes, this grown woman, with a grown daughter, that is supposed to be a responsible adult, chased a rooster. Not much, just enough to establish that I was going to gather eggs, and he was not going to stop me. The article also said that you should reach over and knock them down from time to time. I didn't do that. I know that life in the chicken yard is different than so called civilized life that we live, but I couldn't do it. It seemed like it would be a challenge to the rooster from me, and then he would have to respond to my challenge. That is just how it is in the chicken yard, the dominant bird reminds the lesser bird who is the boss. Wasn't it enough that I chased him? We weren't friends, he respected me and that was all that I wanted. I wanted him to take care of the girls, and not attack me.

We lived that way for 2 years. Things were great! He didn't attack me, and I didn't desire to be friends. In that time, he fathered a few chicks. And then one morning, when I let them out to scratch around, it happened. He attacked my leg, without thinking I kicked at him. He took that as a challenge. I screamed and ran! When I got inside, I thought to myself, "girl you have messed up now".

Knowing that I had to do my best to fix this mistake, I summoned my courage and grabbed a rake and out to the chicken yard I went. What did I have to lose? Besides my blood of course. My newest rooster was grown now. Well, I got my point across. Everything was fine, for awhile. I kept a stick beside the entrance to the pen, all I had to do was show it to him. And then one day, my husband heard me screaming, and came to the door to see me bleeding and chasing the Americauna rooster with a stick. Kevin came outside, and very shortly, there was one less rooster in the chicken yard. But this time the rooster went to live with someone that wanted his, ahmmmmm....... services, for his own girls.

My next move was to go the youngest rooster and show him the magic stick. no problems yet. I informed him, that he could be next. There are however 2 roosters waiting to take his place.

Now if you have never raised roosters, you will find this story offensive. If you have your own scars, then you are probably rooting for me, because you know how dangerous these birds can be. I will not be attacked by the birds that I have raised and fed! But I know that I will gather eggs one morning, and he will attack, and there will be one less rooster in the chicken yard.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Or the lack of it. We are in a deficit of over 8 inches currently.

Fields that should be lush and green, are brown with tiny flecks of green here and there, or short plants that have stopped growing. Fields that have been irrigated look differently. My plants and flowers on the porch have been watered daily, they would not have survived without it!

The garden has been watered, but rain has a different effect. Often called the "poor man's" fertilizer, rain does things for plants that no store bought fertilizer could ever do.

So here we are, waiting, hoping, and praying for the rain that will eventually come. It will happen, it is just a matter of time.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Potting Bench

Realizing that this is not the greatest picture, but the digital camera and I have had a falling out, and I am working with the camera on my phone!
I have wanted one of these for soooo long, and finally talked the husband into building one for me!
Understand that my taste tends to gravitate towards the junky a little bit. He built the potting bench from reclaimed lumber. I lucked up because my brother tore his deck down, and asked us if we wanted the lumber. I jumped at it! He thought that we could use the lumber for fence and pen repairs, but I had other ideas!
So far the patient (and talented and handy) husband has built a bookshelf and this potting bench, but there are ideas floating around in my head! I see a bench in the garden, maybe I can talk him into that today! Hmmmmm the day is still young!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Don't know if Atticus has realized it yet, but that is not how to play the piano.

Recently, we moved the piano into my house. Daddy has Alzheimer's and he does not play anymore. due to the progression of the disease, Mama had to make some changes in the house, and the piano was in the way.

I am happy to have the piano, and have missed being able to play every day, but my heart is breaking because of the circumstances. Alzheimer's is a cruel disease, and steals so much from the victims and their families. It has stolen Daddy's ability to play and enjoy music. He no longer plays the piano, and I can't even get him to sing with me anymore. Admittedly, it is painful to see this chapter of our lives closing. I want him to sing with me again, my heart aches for those times that he whistled and I sang, we sang together or sat at the piano playing and singing. They are gone, and will not return. This cruel disease claims another victory with this loss.

The ray of sunshine that we find is in the short moments that we are able to see Daddy, just being Daddy. Those times are fewer and farther between, making those few seconds that he is himself even more precious. But I am grateful for those times that I am able sit and talk to him, and find that my Daddy is himself, even if it lasts only for a moment.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Corn was ready this week. When corn is ready, everything else comes to a halt. Corn does not wait, if not picked at it's peak, the kernels will get too hard to eat, or cut off. You have to act quickly!
It is also a messy job! I always feel like the kitchen needs a good scrubbing after corn is finished. Those are my plans for today, a good cleaning for the whole house. Besides, the newspaper man is coming tomorrow!
There is a purpose for everything here. The shucks were given to the animals, today I will rake the remainder out of their pens, and place the shucks on the compost pile. The chickens provide a little "extra" benefit to those shucks! Corn was put in the freezer. A few cobs were used to make corn cob jelly, the leftovers from jelly making and the remainder were given to the animals. Anything not eaten will go to the compost pile. The animals know how to get everything that they need out of the shucks and cobs! Nothing was wasted.
It is another plus to this life, we have much less trash. That makes me feel good! There is a use and a re-use for everything, sometimes a repeated re-use for items. Sharing the abundance of husks, and cobs with the animals, provided a meal for them, will help the compost pile, which helps the garden for next year, and better vegetable production, also meaning better food not just for us, but the animals as well, and it kept the husks and cobs out of the garbage can and eventually the landfill. Why would I throw away something so useful?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Keeping Cool

Atticus wants to stay cool this summer too. Should I tell him that it is a pool, and there should be water in it?
Actually this is where my blind pooch spends her days. She feels safe here. She has fresh water and food, potty pads and a bed. On occasion, Atticus will climb in and sit beside her. She does not mind, or maybe she just can't see him there!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Poultry Physical Therapy

This little chick was spraddle legged. The "cure" for this was to take a bandage, and cut in half lengthwise, wrap the adhesive portion around the legs, leaving the pad in between the legs.

It looks pitiful, but helps the chick keep it's legs underneath, instead of being spraddle legged. If this condition is not remedied within a couple of days of hatching, the chick cannot be helped and will eventually die.

That little chick has grown and walks just fine. Watching this young bird, you would never know there had been a problem that threatened it's life!

My first experience with Poultry Physical Therapy was a success!

Friday, June 3, 2011

An Inspirational Friend

A few weeks ago, I had lunch with a friend that I had not talked to in a little while. She is amazing and I want to be like her when I grow up. Beth can do anything, no mountain is too small for her. She does not know it, but she has been my inspiration many times!

We had lunch here, at this little farmstead. Beth was introduced to the chickens, including Hoppy, the ducks, and Miss Celie was brought out to meet Beth also. She met Clover, the Bunny babies and parents, the barn cats, and the dogs that call this place home.

We had so much fun that day! We laughed and talked, we had a lot of catching up to do. Beth told me that she was going to call the newspaper and tell them about this place, my cookbook, and the life that Kevin and I have made here. I laughed, because I don't think that I am doing anything that is so special that someone else couldn't do the same things.

Beth kept her word. I have just gotten off of the phone with the local newspaper, and they want to do a human interest story on me! I am amazed, excited, and don't have a clue what I will say!

Truthfully, I don't do this by myself, Kevin helps a lot. We work together on this and all projects. Also, what we do is not to bring attention to us, these are decisions that were made a few years ago, and now we are seeing so many things come to pass.

It does seem like there is always some kind of scare where our food is concerned, and to be quite truthful, the quality is not always the best anyway. We were tired of that. I grew up in the country, and the memory of the food stayed with me. Eggs that had golden yolks, tomatoes that tasted like tomatoes, not cardboard, and fresh vegetables that were bright colorful, and tasted heavenly, were the foods that my Mama served. I wanted that again. These were some of the thoughts that pulled my heart back here, and Kevin to a life that he had never had the opportunity to live. We made the decision to do this, and worked until we achieved the goals that we have set for ourselves, and continue working for goals that haven't been met.

Don't get me wrong, I am certainly not complaining. I do hope that someone will read the newspaper story, and realize that they can achieve their dreams if they set their mind to it. After all, the adventures that we find in country living were once a dream for us. I remember so many nights that we went to sleep talking about this life. I always told Kevin that I wanted a goat, he laughed at me. And now, some of our dreams have come true. He does not laugh anymore when I tell him that I want to do something, he has learned not to!

However we do not simply stop here, and think that we have completely achieved our dreams, we continue to plan, check our progress, set goals, and analyze where we are, and examine what we need to adjust. We have made mistakes, and try to learn from those mistakes. We still have far to go, there is so much to learn, even now. I guess that we will never feel as if we have gotten to a place where we can just sit back and relax now. If that happens, it will be time to pursue another major life changing project!

I have never wanted to be in a place where I can't grow and learn, and I challenge myself constantly. An important challenge in my life was writing the cookbook of my Gran's recipes. It is important that we keep our family histories alive for ourselves, and generations to come. I started the book with that intention. Now that Gran is gone, I can take out the book, look through the recipes, and in my memory, I hear her voice. We worked on that book for so long, and it gave me the opportunity to spend time with her, and ask her so many questions. Sadly, I think of questions that I did not think to ask at that time. But I guess that you can't remember to ask every question.

That book was hard work, and represents a part of the family history that needed to be kept alive, not just for me, but for my child, siblings, cousins, their children, each member of extended family, and generations to come. I do hope that someone will see it and say "I could do that, I need to keep my family history alive too". Once it is gone, it is history that you will never be able to get back, it is lost forever.

This newspaper article is an opportunity, I may not have another one like that! This is a gift that Beth has given me. Thank you dear friend, you have made me a better person just because I have had the opportunity to know and work with you. You have inspired and pushed me so many times. Thank you again Beth.
Okay, so now for the tooting my horn part! Woo Hoo, the newspaper man is coming to my home and doing an article about the life Kevin and I have here! Woo Hoo! Toot Toot!!

Sneak Peek

When I bought this little beauty, she wasn't much of a beauty, she was s beast. But I knew that this little dresser that had suffered years of neglect and abuse, could be pretty again. I had every intention of putting this dresser in the bedroom, but just may leave it in the dining room. Well for now anyway.
I haven't found the right hardware for it yet, still looking! This dresser had a couple of knobs on it, the new kind. They looked just awful on that dresser, and the ugly plastic knobs were removed as soon as I got it home! The bottom drawers did not have any knobs, or handles.
Now it has had a good scrubbing, a fresh coat of paint, minimal distressing, a good waxing, and is waiting for the finishing touch, just the right hardware. When I find them, I will post pictures of the finished piece.
Hopefully one day I will remember to take before pictures! There are several projects going on around here that need my attention this weekend. I decided to redo the dining room table and chairs, and there is a table in the den that needs a fresh coat of paint. As usual, no end to the "need to do list" around here!
Hopefully will find the right hardware for my green dresser soon, and will show pictures then!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Early Summer Heat

When was the last time that you slept like that? The sweet slumber of a baby is so peaceful! She did not move when I snapped this picture.
It is so hot, and it is too early for this kind of heat. What will the weather be like in July if it is this hot now? It makes the animals want to sleep all day.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bunnies or Pigs?

This little guy is making sure that he gets his fair share of the food!