Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Corn was ready this week. When corn is ready, everything else comes to a halt. Corn does not wait, if not picked at it's peak, the kernels will get too hard to eat, or cut off. You have to act quickly!
It is also a messy job! I always feel like the kitchen needs a good scrubbing after corn is finished. Those are my plans for today, a good cleaning for the whole house. Besides, the newspaper man is coming tomorrow!
There is a purpose for everything here. The shucks were given to the animals, today I will rake the remainder out of their pens, and place the shucks on the compost pile. The chickens provide a little "extra" benefit to those shucks! Corn was put in the freezer. A few cobs were used to make corn cob jelly, the leftovers from jelly making and the remainder were given to the animals. Anything not eaten will go to the compost pile. The animals know how to get everything that they need out of the shucks and cobs! Nothing was wasted.
It is another plus to this life, we have much less trash. That makes me feel good! There is a use and a re-use for everything, sometimes a repeated re-use for items. Sharing the abundance of husks, and cobs with the animals, provided a meal for them, will help the compost pile, which helps the garden for next year, and better vegetable production, also meaning better food not just for us, but the animals as well, and it kept the husks and cobs out of the garbage can and eventually the landfill. Why would I throw away something so useful?

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