Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Hear A Symphony

Want to know a secret? Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I like to sit outside at night. I can lose track of time just sitting there watching what is going on around me. Sometimes, Kevin has to remind me that it is past my bedtime, and I need to come inside.
There are all kinds of things happening around me. There is a symphony that God sends to my backyard every night. Tonight I heard the crickets and the frogs from the swamp. The ducks, or the horn section, honks in from time to time. There are nights that we get a free laser show too. I am fascinated to see the lightning make its' way across the sky. The barn cats play, enjoying the cool night air, the rabbits play in their pens, the ducks honk in the symphony from time to time, the chickens have gone to roost for the night, the dog is resting quietly, and Cloe is quiet.
No matter how many times I watch and listen, it never gets old, or tiresome. I do find myself remembering the night sky of my childhood, and the lightning bugs that were plentiful. The sky was dark, as there were fewer lights invading the sky then. The wonders of technology are not always so fabulous. It appeared to be so close that you could reach out and touch the stars. The stars looked more like diamonds, on a background of black velvet. Since it was darker, there appeared to be more stars. There was also less traffic, especially on country roads, it was rare that a car passed by. Lightning bugs are rarely seen now.
Have these sights and sounds vanished forever? Somehow, I doubt that the businesses on the nearby highway would consider turning off their lights so that people could enjoy the night sky or that residents of the country would turn off their security lights. Sadly, I am afraid to say that these sights have vanished for good. I have that memory, but generations after mine, will not, even if they are lucky enough to grow up in the countryside. Even in a rural area like this one, outside of a small town, the night sky has changed. It is a sight that exists only in the memories of those that lived where velvety skies with diamond lights twinkled.
Tonight, I heard the symphony that plays through the countryside, it brings the same comfort to me, that my mother did when she rocked me to sleep as a small child. The sounds make my eyelids heavy, and I am reminded of how drowsy I have become. Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!

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