Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Questions We Are Asked

We are asked many questions about the way of life that we have chosen. Sometimes, I have to shake my head in disbelief.

A lady asked recently if we "petted our pretty little chickens, and would it be okay if she petted them", I stood there for a minute. The thought that almost made its' way to my lips was "Sure, you can pet that bird with the bright red thingie on the top of his head, and if he flys at you and throws his feet up in the air, he just wants to give you a high five". But I refrained from that answer, and attempted to explain to her that it would not be a good idea to do that. She didn't understand, and wanted to know why they had to be in that pen. This lady lacked the understanding that this was for her own protection!

Another question we are asked, is why we do not keep our livestock in the house? Seriously, you have to ask that? They are livestock, enough said? Do you want them in your house? I do take care of our animals, and I enjoy watching the dynamics of each group, their personalities, their individual likes and dislikes, and I do name them, but I name everything! Including my tool box, her name is Beatrice, she is pink, so are the tools, and she has a purpose too. What man wants to use pink tools from a tool bag named Beatrice? However, as much as I want to take care of them, each animal has a purpose here, and piling up in my house, on my couch, and leaving surprise packages everywhere is not their purpose.

Do we eat our chickens? No we don't. We are not opposed to that practice, we just have not done that. The purpose for our chickens, is to produce eggs, and yes I know that a chicken can serve both purposes. We reserve the right to change our minds at any moment.

Do you need a rooster to get eggs? I always want to ask if they really meant to ask that question. Think about how the "birds and bees" thing works. You need a rooster to have fertile eggs.

Does the rooster lay eggs too? Refer to the above answer.

Can you really eat duck eggs? Try my cake, or brownies, or cookies etc.! Get the picture? Duck eggs produce moist, and rich baked goods. I use them in homemade breads too. I don't do it if I am cooking for someone that thinks that this practice is "gross".

My husband is often asked what his wife does? My inner smarty pants has an answer for those people. I work, that is what I do everyday. However, my work is different now, as a result of the choices that we made together.

I am amazed that in an area that is rural, that we have to answer the questions that we answer. Have this many people become so far removed from a real country life that they must ask such questions? Those that were raised in the country "back when" and have left country life for the things that are offered by cities, are often just as bad. Their questions show a lack of knowledge that amazes me.

I offered my eggs to someone that declined because they prefer the "real" eggs in the grocery store. We have become a society that is based on rampant consumerism to a point that we will reject what is good, for the quick fix of purchasing something that our bodies do not need, makes us sick, is generally disposable and often toxic, or is not the slightest bit healthy, instead of taking a moment to think before a choice is made. That quick fix includes things that are not eaten as well as foods that are eaten. It is almost humorous that these are the same people that reject our lifestyle, and eat "real" eggs from the grocery store, as opposed to the fake eggs that our girls lay. I laugh because these grocery store eggs come from the same place, the chicken's vent, that our eggs do. Guess that I need to learn more about these "real" eggs.

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  1. HAHAHAHHA....Love it! We get the same questions. I love the ones about why don't I work. Wouldn't it be better if I had a job? Hmmm...Back to personal choices I guess. A long time ago Hubby and I decided that I would raise our kids and not the daycare, and He would provide financially. There have been times when we thought perhaps I would have to get a job but God always provided.
    "Are you really going to eat those birds?" Nope we just raise em up and keep them as pets..Duh
    Our critters are also here for a purpose. Eggs, Milk and Meat. My dog protects me from the bears but that is a whole other story I should actually blog about!


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