Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rooster Stories

Wouldn't you just love to know what this young girl is thinking?

She is an Americauna, and will lay blue eggs. Americaunas are my favorite breed. The ones that I have had, are gentle, and it seems to take roosters longer to become aggressive. Now that I have written that, my rooster will be waiting for me this morning, for his first attack!

When we discovered that we had roosters in out first flock, I thought that I had better learn how to live with them. I read everything that I could find about roosters. It seems that the most important thing was to establish dominance early. One way to do this was to chase them. In my best Meredith Grey voice, I asked "seriously?".

When I read that advice, I had one rooster that chased ME! I think that he liked to hear me scream. One day, he cornered me in the pen, fortunately Super Roo was there to help me. He saved me that day. This story ended when my husband came home. Then there were 2 roosters.

So I thought that everything would be okay, because Super Roo and I, well we were sort of friends. Not really friends, I just accepted the fact that he was THE rooster in chicken yard. He walked beside me, watched me gather eggs, kept the evil Rhode Island Red sisters away from me, there was only 1 problem, he didn't like Kevin. Perhaps hate, strong desire to hurt, and extreme dislike would better describe Super Roo's feelings for my husband. Super Roo wanted to dominate Kevin. My husband said that he could stay, as long as he didn't hurt me. And then, one day I was gathering eggs, Kevin heard me screaming, he came running, and then there was 1 rooster in the chicken yard. Super Roo was no longer my hero, protector, personal guide in the chicken yard, or friend. Got a scar on my leg from that one!

We were left with an Americauna rooster. He was a happy boy! Now HE was THE rooster. I decided that it was time to establish my position in the chicken yard. So I chased him, just as I had read to do. Yes, this grown woman, with a grown daughter, that is supposed to be a responsible adult, chased a rooster. Not much, just enough to establish that I was going to gather eggs, and he was not going to stop me. The article also said that you should reach over and knock them down from time to time. I didn't do that. I know that life in the chicken yard is different than so called civilized life that we live, but I couldn't do it. It seemed like it would be a challenge to the rooster from me, and then he would have to respond to my challenge. That is just how it is in the chicken yard, the dominant bird reminds the lesser bird who is the boss. Wasn't it enough that I chased him? We weren't friends, he respected me and that was all that I wanted. I wanted him to take care of the girls, and not attack me.

We lived that way for 2 years. Things were great! He didn't attack me, and I didn't desire to be friends. In that time, he fathered a few chicks. And then one morning, when I let them out to scratch around, it happened. He attacked my leg, without thinking I kicked at him. He took that as a challenge. I screamed and ran! When I got inside, I thought to myself, "girl you have messed up now".

Knowing that I had to do my best to fix this mistake, I summoned my courage and grabbed a rake and out to the chicken yard I went. What did I have to lose? Besides my blood of course. My newest rooster was grown now. Well, I got my point across. Everything was fine, for awhile. I kept a stick beside the entrance to the pen, all I had to do was show it to him. And then one day, my husband heard me screaming, and came to the door to see me bleeding and chasing the Americauna rooster with a stick. Kevin came outside, and very shortly, there was one less rooster in the chicken yard. But this time the rooster went to live with someone that wanted his, ahmmmmm....... services, for his own girls.

My next move was to go the youngest rooster and show him the magic stick. no problems yet. I informed him, that he could be next. There are however 2 roosters waiting to take his place.

Now if you have never raised roosters, you will find this story offensive. If you have your own scars, then you are probably rooting for me, because you know how dangerous these birds can be. I will not be attacked by the birds that I have raised and fed! But I know that I will gather eggs one morning, and he will attack, and there will be one less rooster in the chicken yard.

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