Friday, June 3, 2011

Sneak Peek

When I bought this little beauty, she wasn't much of a beauty, she was s beast. But I knew that this little dresser that had suffered years of neglect and abuse, could be pretty again. I had every intention of putting this dresser in the bedroom, but just may leave it in the dining room. Well for now anyway.
I haven't found the right hardware for it yet, still looking! This dresser had a couple of knobs on it, the new kind. They looked just awful on that dresser, and the ugly plastic knobs were removed as soon as I got it home! The bottom drawers did not have any knobs, or handles.
Now it has had a good scrubbing, a fresh coat of paint, minimal distressing, a good waxing, and is waiting for the finishing touch, just the right hardware. When I find them, I will post pictures of the finished piece.
Hopefully one day I will remember to take before pictures! There are several projects going on around here that need my attention this weekend. I decided to redo the dining room table and chairs, and there is a table in the den that needs a fresh coat of paint. As usual, no end to the "need to do list" around here!
Hopefully will find the right hardware for my green dresser soon, and will show pictures then!

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