Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fame and Clover

Yesterday, our article was in the paper. Clover is famous now! Life with Clover will never be the same. There will be demands now, many, many, demands. The plain old cookies are no longer acceptable, she thinks that she deserves the special, gourmet, cookies. The Special Famous Goat Cookies are what she feels that she deserves. Forget the regular feed, she needs the Special Famous Goat Feed now. The name should be changed to Her Royal Highness, Queen Clover. Does she really think that she is getting a crown too? She can also forget the idea of a red carpet in her pen too.
The phone rang a good bit yesterday, and there were messages for Clover! One of those messages was from MY friend! Please pay no attention to the woman in the article, it is all about the goat. The goat that has allowed fame to go to her head!
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  1. I, too, think Clover deserves the very best cookies. Red carpet may be a bad idea, but cookies of the gourmet variety should be dispensed daily and lovingly to sweet Clover. :)

    Dottie in PA


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