Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The First To Go

This rooster will be the first to go, his days are numbered. That decision has been made! It is now a matter of time.
We are hearing the juvenile crows of the two young roosters, battling to be the top rooster. The spraddle legged chick is the other rooster, and is not as aggressive as this guy is.
This guy is a Silver Laced Wynadott/Dominicker cross, and he is one of the chicks that came from our incubator. Does he remember that I am the first person that he saw? Does he remember that I held him and took his picture? Does he know what I will do if he tries to attack me?
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  1. No he doesn't and he doesn't care who you are. If you mess with his girls he'll kick the poop out of you. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to kick away a flogging rooster. Their duck and sway moves are so good you just end up looking like an idiot swinging your foot around. Which causes more frustration and you end up pulling out the 22 blowing him away with great satisfaction and no guilt.


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