Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Bunny Girls

The Bunny Girls are just hanging out in their pen these days, but they have dreams, BIG dreams. Their lady provides them with food daily, but they know that there is more out there in that big world. Pansy, Dahlia, Petunia and Peony are dreaming of endless supplies of carrots, lettuce and cabbage.
They sit and talk through the wire at night, planning an escape. It has already been decided that Dahlia will stand beside the road, exposing her lovely furry leg, which should get a vehicle to stop, while the others wait in a nearby ditch. Then they can get a ride to the big garden. The garden that grows carrots, lettuce and cabbage and holds endless amounts of fresh vegetables is waiting to be nibbled on. They can spend the whole night hopping around, and overindulging in these delights. They might even get the opportunity to meet the male rabbit of their dreams!
Dan D. Lion hears the conversation and reminds his daughters that this is not a wise idea. Proper bunny fathers do not allow their daughters to think and talk like that. There are dogs out there, big dogs, and male rabbits who are only looking for one thing. No daughter of his will be off cavorting around at night like that! Eating fresh vegetables and meeting up with male rabbits until all hours of the morning, that will not be happening as long as he has breath in his little bunny lungs!
Daisy listens patiently and reminds Dan that they were young once too, let them dream. Dan ignores her, he knows that there are dangers in the big world, and they are safer at home with him. Daisy, being the wise mother that she is, hops away and rests for awhile. The younger bunny girls join her complaining about how strict their father is. Daisy reminds them that he is only thinking about what is best for them. “But Mom” they cry, “I want to know what is out there, I want to taste the carrots for myself” they say in unison. In time girls, in time be patient, your time will come.
The bunny girls hop off to chew on some wood chips. Dan knocks on Daisy’s door. She hops to the door, but does not open it. ‘I am sorry Daisy, but I know that there is trouble out there, I know from experience what happens when you binge on carrots, I don’t want our girls to go through that” Daisy listens, considering what he says. “I know Dan; I don’t want them to do that either”. The couple talks for a little more and then says their goodbyes. Dan asks Daisy if she would like to come over a little later tonight. “Why Dan” she cries, “you know that I can’t do that”! “You remember what happened last time, that’s how Pansy, Petunia, and Peony got here!” “Well Daisy at least tell me that you keep that key in a safe place.” Daisy pats her thigh. ‘I do Dan, no one will ever find it, the lady still does not know how it happened, I have to go now, Pansy will get suspicious.”
So their conversation ends, Pansy was only able to catch a portion of the conversation, but she knows that Mom has a key, and it opens the door to a whole new world………………Posted by Picasa

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