Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Want A Cow

Yes, really I do, I want a cow. I want to hear her moo, and watch her take care of her calf and chew her cud. I want a cow. I can take pictures of her and write about her and y’all can read about her too! I could even paint her picture and hang it up in my house. Doesn’t that sound fun? Maybe I could share some butter with y’all, and then I could make really good cheese too. Truthfully, I love their sounds, I love hearing the variety of different sounds, especially contented sounds.
Don’t bother me with the details, yes, I know that the price of corn is up, and no, I don’t have a place to put her yet. I know, I know, just don’t bother me with the details. It does not cost anything to want; it costs money when you do something about that want. Daddy told me that I could do anything that I set my mind to, so I am setting my mind to it. I want a cow, in spite of the cost and other problems.
So how am I going to talk Kevin into it you ask? Do you not know me well enough, to know better than to ask that question, because I told you, I want a cow.
Kevin knows that I want a cow. Time will tell what happens next.

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  1. Buy the cow and everything will fall into place. I say often, that we can have all the intentions in the world, but they mean nothing without action.
    I bought Moo moo and got him home then called my husband...Guess what I bought! But he was only $20. A milk cow is just a tad more!
    Good Luck!


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