Monday, October 31, 2011

Admittedly, I am behind getting ready for fall and winter. I have changed out the bedspread and curtains in this room, but the list of things to do, sits neglected on the kitchen table. I am in no way finished in this room.

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My tireless helper is on the job, ready to assist me in any way that he can. I should be able to get lots done today with his help!
Sadly however there was a death in the appliance family of our household Saturday evening. The washing machine has washed its last load, of course the tub was full of water and clothes. It is too bad that Atticus doesn't know how to repair washing machines. The washing machine situation must be handled today, as if there was not enough to do on my list today!

Friday, October 28, 2011

This Life

Four years ago, we moved here, back to the community that I spent most of my life in. There were many reasons that we made this choice, and a benefit was that this life had been a dream for both of us.

This time of year is one of my favorites, there is a smell that fills the air when cotton is harvested. It is the smell of my childhood and brings happy memories to mind. It is a smell that my husband has come to love. My husband grew up in town, and wanted to experience country living.
Every life choice offers challenges, and country living is no different. There are also incredible benefits to this life.

There is a television in our home, but we have found that the entertainment offered by the animals that live here more informative, educational and entertaining than anything we could watch on that television. The antics of the animals have caused us to laugh many times! We have spent more time together as a couple in this life. We have been entertained together, and worked together on the many projects that are a part of this life. We may not always agree, but we do not regret the decision to come here. This life is not perfect, no life is, but it is satisfying.

The meanest rooster alive offered challenges ! He was a learning experience, notice the word "was", he is only a memory now. Is he glaring at me in the above picture? No need to be scared, he can't hurt anyone now!

Clover moved in a couple of years ago. The plan was to have 2 does, their names would be Crimson and Clover. This spoiled cantankerous goat has been amazing. Clover watches over the animals, she has her favorites, and carefully watches them. Clover has a purpose, and that purpose is cheese! We have been trying to arrange for Clover to have a mate. She is old enough now. If Clover is as attentive to her own kid as she is to the chickens and ducks, she will be an excellent mother.

The food that this life offers can't be beat! Duck eggs are used in baking, brownies and breads are delicious when duck eggs are used. The chickens produce wonderful eggs. The yolks are golden and the whites are clear, I know what the girls have eaten and feel good about eating the eggs and sharing the eggs with my parents.
This life has had its challenges, but it has also had rewards and those rewards have been worth it. A challenge for me has been to have a blog, and learn how to use that blog. Sounds simple, but there has been much to learn. It is a challenge that this life has offered, and a challenge that I have chosen to meet and conquer.
At the end of each day, I am tired but satisfied. A satisfaction that can't be found anywhere else, but in this life that we have chosen for ourselves.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Revelation That Changed My Life

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Several months ago, while helping Mama clean up after a family meal, she revealed a secret that shook me to the core of my being. While I was putting the dishes in the dishwasher, she told me that a magazine article she read stated that the dishwasher should do most of the work. The dishes did not have to be perfectly clean before going into the dishwasher. Understand this, Mama always told me that the plates must be clean before placing them in the dishwasher. As a teen, I did not understand but the idea had stuck and followed me into adulthood.
This revelation caused my head to spin, my knees became weak, I was lightheaded and felt faint. My mind reeled with the knowledge that I had been right, but then the nausea set in and the thought was forgotten. I couldn't stand in Mama’s kitchen and put a plate in the dishwasher that was not clean. I tried, but the plate would not go in the dishwasher, it was if an invisible force field circled Mama’s dishwasher.
I went home and got the magazine out, read and reread the article, confirming Mama’s revelation. My head was spinning, and the nausea was returning. Sitting back I wondered what else she told me that may not have been correct.
Rinse you hair well after shampooing. Your face is going to freeze like that were things that she had said. I had to know, and decided that there was truth to the rinse your hair well thing. What about my face freezing, was this not possible too? Could it be true that my face will not freeze if I stick my tongue out? No, it will not freeze I realized. Think of the things that I missed out on because I did not want my face to freeze like that! I had even told my own child not to stick her tongue out for the same reason! Imagine trying to talk to Santa Claus with your tongue permanently stuck out; you’d get switches in your stocking for that one! It would be okay for suckers and ice cream, but it ends there. This knowledge has given me a different perspective on life.
Note to my daughter – Honey Girl, I mislead you; please understand that I too had been mislead. Go ahead baby; stick your tongue out if you choose. It’s okay, you don’t have to worry, your face will not freeze that way. I hope that you will choose not to stick your tongue out at people, but know that your face will not freeze like that. And most importantly Baby, leave those ketchup tracks on the plate, the dishwasher will get them off! The truth has been revealed, I knew it all along!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


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This was on the back porch last week, her name is now Abigail. Abigail drug her back legs, and had difficulty getting around. The vet said that she was probably from a large litter, and was not getting the nutrition that she needed.
Things are different now for Abigail, she is working to be as wide as she is long, and she is getting extra nutrition in the form of calories. Abigail has grown so much in the last week! She is learning to run, and play like a kitten should. Abigail is a keeper, I didn't think that I needed her, but she needed me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A challenge

Responding to the challenge that Donna, from Funky Junk Interiors, posted, I asked myself, what could be done with this? Donna asked readers to create something gutsy, step out of our comfort zones, and create something that we had never seen before.Daddy has all kinds of wonderful "treasures" in the shop. My brothers call it junk. This was used to collect turpentine previously, so what could I do with it now

I went outside to look for inspiration, found free goodies, including this cool looking stick.

A silly goat that wanted to help, meaning eat my finds! No, she is not part of the end result, she just likes the attention.

Brought my treasures inside and decided to just play, forgetting that if someone saw this, they may not like it. This is what I came up with.

My trip outside was helpful, there were pecan leaves, pecans, and sticks, all free for the taking. Admittedly I have never seen anyone use pecan leaves in an arrangement. Forgetting that it was unusual to use pecan leaves, I continued working with the ideas in my head. I had to do a little shopping around my house to find extra goodies. I used some vintage jewelry, and items that were displayed elsewhere around the house.

The new vignette is on the table in the entry. I am pleased with it, really had to step outside of normal way of decorating to get this look, but so very glad that I did! Thanks for the challenge Donna!
Posted by PicasaThis challenge was a learning experience in several ways. I am learning to use a digital camera, and still have a lot to learn, but had to start somewhere. I am learning how to blog, and continue to learn about how I want my home to look and function for us. Thanks for the challenge Donna, and making me learn new things!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dining Room Cabinet

Taking pictures causes me to take a different look at my home. This picture makes me see about 150 things that I want to do differently! The important thing is that I have finished the cabinet and it is in my dining room now. Whew!
When I purchased this piece, the legs were not as noticeable as they are now. I love those short curvy legs! We had to do a little bit of work to this piece, but I think that it is respectable once again.
The contents of this cabinet will be arranged and rearranged at least a thousand times before deciding that the perfect arrangement has been found, but that is part of the fun of decorating!
Now that the cabinet is in the dining room, I realize the "need" for a buffet. Normally, I am patient and willing to wait for the perfect piece, but I am impatient this time! The remainder of the paint is begging me to use it. Will have to work to control the feeling, don't want something that I will not be completely satisfied with.
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dining Room Table and Chairs

Some time ago I found this table and chairs at a thrift shop. The chairs and table did not match, as they are two different styles, but I did not care. This set was in need of some serious love.
The table and chairs sat for awhile, waiting for their transformation, while I tried to decide how and what to do. Finally, inspiration hit, and the table and chairs would get the love that they deserved. Kevin and I sanded and refinished the top of the table. I painted the legs and apron of the table, and painted and recovered the chair seats. The table and chairs were lightly distressed, stained, and then waxed.
It took me awhile to make the decision to paint this table and chairs, I was afraid that after a couple of years, I would walk in the dining room and ask myself why I did this. That could still happen, but if it does, I don't have that much invested in the set. Selling the set would be a guilt free sale. Once I made the decision to go through with it, I knew that I had to have a dining room cabinet that I could paint without guilt. My hutch was not an option, there was no way I was painting that piece! Finally found one that could be painted without the guilt. Again, if I get tired of this cabinet, it will be a guilt free sale. Pictures of the cabinet will come later.
I have always been hesitant to paint furniture, fearing that I will decide that I hate it and have to strip it. Hoping that I don't regret this decision, but for now I am pleased with the outcome.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Have A Cow?

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Kevin bought me a cow, another chicken and a lamb. Kevin said that he knew that I wanted a cow, so he generously bought me one.
Honey, that is not what I was talking about, and you know it!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cotton Picking Time

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This is one of my favorite times of year. I love seeing the fields of white, sadly there are not as many white fields this year. The drought has taken a large toll on crops this year.
When the cotton pickers descend on the fields and begin harvesting the cotton, the most heavenly fragrance fills the air. I wish that I could bottle it and keep it to smell all year long. The first sniff of this fragrance sends me into my childhood, and I am playing in a wagon of cotton. Daddy is there with me, and we are laughing. Sweet memories!
Time marches on, technology has changed the way crops are harvested, but the scent has remained the same, and the memories grow sweeter each year.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


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We have hay, Clover is happy!

Monday, October 3, 2011

An Amazing Place

This was one of those times that I realize that I am lucky enough to live in an amazing place! There are amazing people that live here too!
My daughter put together a yard/bake sale, held this past Saturday. The proceeds benefit The Alzheimer's Association. She had her goal set, which she surpassed, and did all of the promotion of the upcoming sale. The ladies of Daddy's church contributed baked goods, and other friends and family of ours donated goods to sell. We were amazed and moved to tears more than once. The local volunteer fire department is selling house numbers and donating the money to The Alzheimer's Association too.
Words are not adequate to express how I feel after seeing the support and love that was offered during this sale. This is a disease that needs to be stopped! Every 69 seconds, someone is diagnosed with this disease. There are currently over 200,000 people in the state of Georgia with this disease! Yes, over 200,000 in the state of Georgia alone. That is an overwhelming number!
As I said, words are not adequate, but if you are one of those people that helped in any way, we say "Thank you" and we want you to know that it comes from our hearts. Thank you for helping to put an end to the monster called Alzheimer's, that steals lives from people. Your love and support have been appreciated, and the ways that you have expressed that love and support have touched us in ways that I can't begin to describe.
There were many people that stopped to tell us their personal stories. The stories that are similar to ours, and just as painful. As I have said, if this demon had an address, I would gather an army, and we would go there, and this disease would never take another life. My heart goes out to each person that shared their story, your pain was obvious. I wish that we did not have to share this common bond. I am glad that I am able to share with people that love and care for us, your support means more than you will know. Thank you, thank you, thank you, it isn't enough to say that, but all that I can do at the moment.
There were people that purchased items and gave more than the value of the item. We all tried to do that! The cause was one that we supported, and giving more felt like the right thing to do.
This has reminded me that I could have chosen to live in another place, but I am here. The place where I grew up. I would not be anywhere else in the world!