Thursday, October 20, 2011


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This was on the back porch last week, her name is now Abigail. Abigail drug her back legs, and had difficulty getting around. The vet said that she was probably from a large litter, and was not getting the nutrition that she needed.
Things are different now for Abigail, she is working to be as wide as she is long, and she is getting extra nutrition in the form of calories. Abigail has grown so much in the last week! She is learning to run, and play like a kitten should. Abigail is a keeper, I didn't think that I needed her, but she needed me.


  1. Hi Melanie! Welcome to blogging and Dandelion House! You'll have so much fun writing about your fun and creative life and meeting other kindred spirits in blog land... Please come by my blog each Friday ( or late Thursday nights) and enter a fun post from your week. I host the Famrgirl Friday blog hop. We have a great little community of creative homemakers and homesteaders who enter each week...I think you'd enjoy it!
    Hope to see you!

  2. Oh how sweet! We had a cat that showed up on our doorstep and adopted us 5 years ago. He had no intention of living with anyone else, and now we don't know what life would be like without him. We always wonder--why did he choose us as opposed to all the other houses in our neighborhood?

  3. I understand, we had no intention of living with another animal either! Abigail had a different idea though!

  4. Abigail looks so precious! I would just pick her up and hold her all the time if I could. We have a new kitten, too, that adopted us.

  5. Jane, she is precious! You should see her walking now, she does not drag her back legs anymore! She is running and playing, biggest problem now is the round little tummy that she has! The vet says that she will be fine.


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