Monday, October 31, 2011

Admittedly, I am behind getting ready for fall and winter. I have changed out the bedspread and curtains in this room, but the list of things to do, sits neglected on the kitchen table. I am in no way finished in this room.

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My tireless helper is on the job, ready to assist me in any way that he can. I should be able to get lots done today with his help!
Sadly however there was a death in the appliance family of our household Saturday evening. The washing machine has washed its last load, of course the tub was full of water and clothes. It is too bad that Atticus doesn't know how to repair washing machines. The washing machine situation must be handled today, as if there was not enough to do on my list today!


  1. So sorry to hear about your washing machine! I hope you got it replaced today. Seems like I do at least one load each day!

  2. Hi! I followed you here from Jane's site. Love your bedroom and the kitty cat! Sorry about your washing machine.

  3. Jane, the death of a washing machine is a sad experience isn't it? It went to the applinace hospital, waiting to hear if it can be helped or if we need to buy another one.

    Susan, welcome!!! I am glad that you stopped by!! Thank you for your kind comments!


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