Friday, October 14, 2011

Dining Room Cabinet

Taking pictures causes me to take a different look at my home. This picture makes me see about 150 things that I want to do differently! The important thing is that I have finished the cabinet and it is in my dining room now. Whew!
When I purchased this piece, the legs were not as noticeable as they are now. I love those short curvy legs! We had to do a little bit of work to this piece, but I think that it is respectable once again.
The contents of this cabinet will be arranged and rearranged at least a thousand times before deciding that the perfect arrangement has been found, but that is part of the fun of decorating!
Now that the cabinet is in the dining room, I realize the "need" for a buffet. Normally, I am patient and willing to wait for the perfect piece, but I am impatient this time! The remainder of the paint is begging me to use it. Will have to work to control the feeling, don't want something that I will not be completely satisfied with.
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  1. That is an absolutely beautiful cabinet. I'm so envious! I love what you have displayed, but know what you mean about arranging and rearranging. That's the fun part!

  2. That cabinet is swoon worthy now! It looks so good painted, and your blue and white china looks wonderful inside it.

  3. Thank you Betsy and Jane!

    Jane, Swoon worthy! Wow that is a compliment!! Thank you!!

    Betsy, Yes arranging and rearranging is the fun part, it never gets old! Thank you!!


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