Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Abigail Update

Remember this little cutie? Abigail is still working on that goal to be as wide as she is long, and these days that is pretty difficult for her. She has grown so much, but she still tries to keep her reverse hour glass figure! Her back legs are working better now, sometimes she gets excited and her back legs want to run faster then her front legs. This results in a sideways run. Abigail doesn't run and climb like other cats, but she manages to run and climb in her own way. The vet says that she will be fine.

Don't be fooled, she does not lead a life of luxury. Abigail is very busy, she works very hard everyday. There are naps that must be taken, kitten food that must be consumed, toys that must be played with, and she has to make sure that she shows her family plenty of affection. Of course there is always a mess that needs to be made somewhere, can't let the people get lazy. A kitten's work is never done!

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Life is difficult when there is so much to do everyday, especially when you are trying to nap and someone keeps snapping pictures!

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