Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mama's China Cabinet

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This is a picture of Mama's China Cabinet, I incorrectly thought that was more room on my camera, so more shots of this cabinet and Mama's house will come later. When I asked her if could take a picture of this cabinet, she laughed and asked who would be interested in looking at her dishes? I told her that there are people, besides the two of us, who like that sort of thing!
This picture is indicative of Mama's special style. She has this set of lovely dishes on display, and off in the corner is an angel candle that I gave her many, many years ago. I did not even remember that I had given it to her, but Mama remembers it. This candle was special to her. There is of course a story behind this candle, and I will have to ask her about it. She uses pretty things mixed with special memories to create a home that is welcoming and comfortable.
Mama and Daddy's home could not be described as trendy. They purchased furniture that would look just as good now, as it did when it was purchased, and would not be dated. I will show more of this wonderful home, and my Mama's special style later.


  1. Please tell you mama that this is just lovely! What pretty dishes and a sweet candle!

  2. Thank you Susan! I will pass it along!!


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