Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Do You Mean Over?

There is a rumor going around that Christmas is over.

But I am not finished, I didn't bake the gingerbread yet, and Clover wanted to have her picture made, and the snack mix didn't get made, and what about the cake? This can't be true.

I rearranged furniture to put up trees, and the decorating is done.

It can't be over, I am not ready yet!

There is still so much that I could do!

What about the movies? I didn't get to watch all of them.

There were plans that I didn't get to finish.

What about that cute little tree that I was going to put up in the laundry room? If it is over, then I will have to wait until next year.

And the company, I was supposed to have company. I did not even have a party this year!

Guess that the rumor is true, it is over.

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Next year, I am adopting his attitude!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas
from Atticus, Abigail, Clover
and all of the farm animals at
Adventures In Country Living!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mama's House At Christmas

Mama has graciously allowed me to share a few pictures from her house. My parents home is a wonderful place to visit every year, no matter how many times that I will walk through their door in the Christmas season, it is new to me each time.
The stockings were made by Mama several years ago.
The ornaments that are one this tree are a combination of ornaments my parents have accumulated all of their married lives, and gifts from family and friends.

One of my favorite tree toppers is this one. I was expecting my daughter when I found this angel. There are special memories attached to this particular angel and it makes me happy when I see it on top of my parents tree. It isn't just because I gave it to her, it is the memories that go with this tree topper.

Mama's collection of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, along with a couple of Santas and a special bear are displayed underneath the tree.

This manger scene has been displayed every Christmas of my life.

A vintage Christmas stocking displayed in the kitchen.

A vignette at the back door.

A vintage Santa is at the back door to greet visitors.

Buddy couldn't be left out of the pictures.

The dining room table is ready for the family.

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Thanks for stopping by, Mama has said that we are welcome anytime.
Thanks Mama, we will be back again!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Gifts That I Want

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Every year there are so many tasks that must be completed before Christmas; I have to remind myself why we celebrate this season. It is not the gifts. Commercialism is king this time of year, and we seem to believe that if we are able to receive that special gift, life will have a new meaning. The meaning that we are searching for cannot be found in any material gift.
Simple gifts are the most meaningful and listening to Mama talk about making her special Christmas cookies, a treat that no bakery can compete with, is the type of gift that I will look for this year. Watching Daddy smile and waiting for those few moments of clarity, are his gift to me this year. A daughter calling me to make plans for our annual get together is a gift. A husband that smiles because his favorite baked goods are on our table is a gift. These are the gifts that I want to receive, and can’t think of a single packaged gift that would make me happier. Perhaps Alzheimer’s has provided a different perspective on life.
This year life is different, I am not able to see the future but know that next year will probably be different again. These changes are out of my control; however the choice to enjoy this Christmas and its gifts remain in my control.
Atticus has a place in the gift giving. Atticus has chosen not to destroy our Christmas tree, instead he sits underneath, guarding it, preventing an attack. Maybe he remembers last year, and his now tarnished reputation. Atticus choosing not to destroy the tree is his gift to me. It is very much appreciated, even if his antics are often the inspiration for this column.
Whether it is because I am older, or the daily struggle with Alzheimer’s that my family endures, this year we are choosing to cherish the gifts that are not wrapped. My gifts this year are the time I have left with my Daddy, Mama’s cooking, time spent with loved ones, the daily adventures with these animals, and the most meaningful gift given to mankind, the real reason for this season. The original Christmas gift, Jesus, is the most important reason to celebrate this Christmas.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been good and this picture is proof. I have not climbed this tree one time, nor have I played with any of the ornaments. I have however been hard at work guarding this tree from attacks by Abigail or Riley. There is also the possibility that someone may try to harm this tree and I could be blamed. I am guarding the tree to prevent such attacks.

There are rumors going around that I am mischievous and I would like to take a moment to explain. The tree attack last year was not my fault, I was merely inspecting the tree to make sure that nothing harmful was hiding inside. I was blamed for the missing tree piece that was found. Not one person in this house has bothered to thank me for keeping them safe. There are also rumors that I weigh 5,000 pounds, that is also not true, it just feels like I weigh that much when I walk on someone.

The incident involving the broken dish that made my Mom cry, well I deny everything. It should not have been in my way, that is all that I have to say about that. I did not tear the screen on the back door, it was not strong enough to hold my weight, so I am not responsible. The missing piece of fried chicken was not my fault, an intruder came in our home, fortunately I chased him away. The crumbs that remained on my whiskers were there because I am a vicious cat and I was attacking the chicken, I mean intruder.

So Santa, it is easy to see that I have been very good this year, and I deserve special presents. Thanks in advance for your understanding in this matter, and for the special presents that I will be receiving.



P.S. That incident last year with the reindeer was not my fault, I personally blame the dog. You should give me all of her presents.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Missing Piece

Last year, as I had just put up the Christmas tree, I left the room for only a moment. I came back into the den just in time to see the tree shiver, shake, sway and crash to the floor. The guilty party, a.k.a. Atticus, ran out of the tree.
There was now a missing piece of the once lovely Christmas tree. Everything was moved looking for that missing piece, every stick of furniture, nothing was left unmoved. The tree was put away, and another tree had to be purchased. The piece remained missing, but thinking that it would show up, the tree was not thrown away. How could a piece of a Christmas tree disappear without a trace?
One year later, the missing piece has been found. Last night, as we prepared to put up this year's tree, the bag that contained Christmas lights was sitting there. I was sorting through the lights, I came across a piece of a tree. Holding it up, I realized that this was the missing piece. The piece of the tree that caused us to move every stick of furniture in the den, the piece that we searched the house over for, was no longer missing.
The tree has all of the pieces now. A favorite gal pal of mine, and an Atticus supporter as well, told me that I needed to apologize to him. My own Mama, told me that I need to print a retraction in the newspaper, as this was the subject of a recent article. Please ladies, remember that Atticus is still the guilty party, he climbed inside of the tree, caused it to sway and fall, a piece of the tree disappeared for a year, and he caused us to have to purchase another tree. Yes, the missing piece of the tree has been found, but Atticus was the cause of that mischief!
This year, he has a new attitude, perhaps it is because he is older and hopefully wiser, but then again the tree has been up for less than 24 hours. Time will tell if he has matured, and will not mess with the tree. Atticus sits under the tree, as if he is the official Christmas Tree Guard. Atticus may be responsible for a lot of mischief, but the tree has all of the pieces now! He can't be blamed for that, as if that makes a difference to this furry mischief maker.