Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Missing Piece

Last year, as I had just put up the Christmas tree, I left the room for only a moment. I came back into the den just in time to see the tree shiver, shake, sway and crash to the floor. The guilty party, a.k.a. Atticus, ran out of the tree.
There was now a missing piece of the once lovely Christmas tree. Everything was moved looking for that missing piece, every stick of furniture, nothing was left unmoved. The tree was put away, and another tree had to be purchased. The piece remained missing, but thinking that it would show up, the tree was not thrown away. How could a piece of a Christmas tree disappear without a trace?
One year later, the missing piece has been found. Last night, as we prepared to put up this year's tree, the bag that contained Christmas lights was sitting there. I was sorting through the lights, I came across a piece of a tree. Holding it up, I realized that this was the missing piece. The piece of the tree that caused us to move every stick of furniture in the den, the piece that we searched the house over for, was no longer missing.
The tree has all of the pieces now. A favorite gal pal of mine, and an Atticus supporter as well, told me that I needed to apologize to him. My own Mama, told me that I need to print a retraction in the newspaper, as this was the subject of a recent article. Please ladies, remember that Atticus is still the guilty party, he climbed inside of the tree, caused it to sway and fall, a piece of the tree disappeared for a year, and he caused us to have to purchase another tree. Yes, the missing piece of the tree has been found, but Atticus was the cause of that mischief!
This year, he has a new attitude, perhaps it is because he is older and hopefully wiser, but then again the tree has been up for less than 24 hours. Time will tell if he has matured, and will not mess with the tree. Atticus sits under the tree, as if he is the official Christmas Tree Guard. Atticus may be responsible for a lot of mischief, but the tree has all of the pieces now! He can't be blamed for that, as if that makes a difference to this furry mischief maker.


  1. We have had this problem for the first time in a long time this year! We have two kittens living at our house this Christmas and they think the trees are just big kitty toys we brought in for them. They're keeping us on our toes. So far, no trees have toppled, in spite of them climbing up in them, but we find ornaments all over the place. I really enjoyed this post!


  2. Betsy, I hope that your trees do not topple!!! But if they do, I hope that you do not have any missing pieces!!!


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