Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Musing - Atticus and the Missing Ornaments

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This past week the Christmas decorations were taken down. It was not hard, as there were not many this year. We did purchase a large container of Christmas tree ornaments, 36 shatter resistant ornaments to be exact.  These were brand spanking new, and it would be easy to count the ornaments coming off of the tree. 36 went on the tree so 36 should come off of the tree. The ornaments were used at the bottom of the tree, just in case Atticus felt the need to play with the tree.

We began taking the ornaments off of the tree, 32 ornaments came off of the tree. We counted again. Kevin looked underneath the china cabinet. There were no ornaments there.  He looked under the buffet; there were no ornaments there either. The decorations were too big to roll under the bookcase or the piano. We looked under the couch, the big comfy chair, the desk and the TV stand. No ornaments were found. This doesn’t make sense, they didn’t just disappear into thin air! The whole incident was bringing the Christmas Tree Catastrophe of 2010 to mind and the headache that I get behind my eye was starting. I took a deep breath and yelled “Atticus where are you?”

Atticus was innocently napping on my side of the bed. I spoke his name and he slowly turned his head to look at me. As if to ask “did you call me?” “Where are the ornaments” I demanded, as if he could speak. He can’t, but he wouldn’t tell me where the missing ornaments were if he could. Atticus would blame the dog. The dog that does not go near the tree. Honey does not bother anything; much less steal ornaments from the Christmas tree. Atticus would then remind me that my very own Mama likes him, as well as all of my friends!

Atticus wins this one, the ornaments are missing, Atticus believes that he is innocent, and he knows that the members of Team Atticus are behind him. Atticus has just walked into the room, and is making his way to the big comfy chair to resume his nap. He wins again, or does he? He has forgotten one very important detail – I control the cat treats, and just can’t seem to find them anywhere, not even under the big comfy chair. We’ll see how fast those ornaments turn up now!

Friday, December 28, 2012

What I Learned About Christmas

This year Christmas was different for me. It was not something that I have ever experienced before. But I learned some things.
There are people that care about me, and my family. I never took the time to think about it or question it, but I found out there are. They reached out to us in many ways.
We had fewer decorations this year, and it was okay. The Christmas Decorating Police did not knock on my door and demand that I put out more immediately. There was almost no baking, just a coffee cake. It was okay, in fact it was not important at all. Christmas came anyway. This was not a season of celebration for us, it was difficult. It was a time that I was able to sit quietly, reflect, and accept new reality.
There were hardly any presents, and it was okay. I don't feel deprived of material gifts. There were lots of prayers, hugs, phone calls, visits, emails, cards and people who saw us and just wanted to let us know that they were thinking about us. Guess that you could say that our gifts were not wrapped this year.
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I learned that it is okay if I didn't get the shopping done, and it is okay if there is no baking. The decorating is not essential either. Christmas will come if I am happy or sad.
 It is okay.

Admittedly the tree is down and the decorations put away and I am not sad about that choice. This year I was glad to put them away, and that is okay.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Musing - Finding My Christmas Joy

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We are not the first family to lose a loved one during the Christmas season or in the past year. My heart aches for each family that grieves. We each grieve in our own way, and have our reasons for our feelings. I sit in judgment of no one.

That loss forces me to take a closer look at the reality of my situation, and to remember some important lessons that I have been taught by my parents. There are many “no mores” that we will face. Christmas Day brunch was a big deal in my family. Daddy helped Mama get ready for that special event, he made the sausage balls. That is a “no more” for me. There are “no mores” for Daddy too. No more confusion, no more suffering, and no more Alzheimer’s. There is joy in those “no mores”.

Christmas is the time we celebrate the greatest gift given to us. Daddy realized the value of God’s gift. That is where my joy is this Christmas. Because of this undeserved gift, my future is different, and I hope that yours is too! While I was not able to look into Daddy’s heart and see all of his feelings, I did see the example he set for us, remember the lessons he taught us and the things he told us.  My joy is in the realization of God’s gift first and foremost. Knowing where Daddy is, and one day we will see him again is just another reason to feel Christmas joy. My joy is one less victory for the Alzheimer’s Grinch. He has stolen enough and I refuse to give the demon this victory.

There are fewer Christmas decorations in our home this year; shopping and baking have not been done. Time has not allowed these things to be accomplished. There will be little of either. Kevin and I agree that those things are nice, but not a requirement for our joy.

There will be no more sausage balls made by Daddy, but there is no more suffering for Daddy. He has the best “no mores”; he also has His Christmas Joy this year!

Merry Christmas to each one of you! Wishing that you each find your Christmas Joy and the realization of God’s greatest gift is a reality for you. May your “no mores” become precious memories and a reminder of your future.



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Musing - Atticus' Special Surgery

So sorry, but this should have gone up Monday before last, December 10. That was the day that my sweet Daddy went home. Thanking you each for your kind comments, my bloggy friends are awesome!!! Thank you again and please keep us in your prayers.
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I, Atticus have given Melanie the day off and am writing her column today. The following is an account of what happened when I was taken to the vet to have my “special surgery”. My life was forevermore changed, and this is the real reason that I am content.

I was taken to the vet, and left by the people that I thought loved me. I sat in the cage waiting, this can’t be good. Suddenly someone came into the room and took me out of the cage. I was placed on a very cold table and I heard a voice say “everything will be fine; we are going to make you sleepy Atticus”.  I began to drift off to sleep. Then the Doctor shook my shoulder and said “come on Buddy, we are going somewhere.”

I climbed into the cab of his truck, and the Doctor let the window down on my side. We pulled onto the highway, and I felt the wind blowing my fur. I noticed that there were cats everywhere. The females were pretty and they were all looking at me.

We arrived at a place called Tin Can Alley. Empty milk cartons and tuna cans littered the exterior. We walked inside and sat beside a window. The air was heavy with the scent of cat nip and this cute little calico in the corner was eyeing me. The Doctor ordered a bowl of milk for me to share with the calico. It was accompanied by a small bowl filled with cat nip. I inhaled the scent and felt like dancing. The cute little calico joined me, every cat was jealous. I must have been dancing really well because everyone was laughing.

The Doctor said that it was time to go; it felt like we had not been there long.  The calico waved goodbye to me. I climbed up into the cab and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was on the cold table. The Doctor told me that I would be fine. The room was spinning and I felt funny. Was it all a dream?No more cat nip for me ever!

My life has been different since then. I smile when I think about that night and that cute little calico, we danced the night away. I don’t remember her name but she was something else! I am forever more grateful to the good Doctor, he changed my life. I am happy and content, my life is good.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Musing - Peace for My Sweet Daddy

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Early last Monday morning Daddy went home. Mama was sitting beside him as the angels carried him home. He left peacefully and quietly. We have spent years saying goodbye, but still my heart longs for one more time to talk to him.

My head has complete understanding of what has happened my little girl heart is another thing. My little girl heart is still waiting for Daddy to come through the door just one more time. It waits for the times that Daddy stood outside on the porch looking at the stars that shone on a black velvet canvas, twinkling like diamonds and appeared to be so close that you could reach out and grab one. My hands long to slip into his hand, and feel the familiar squeeze. My ears want to hear him talk just one more time.

The last time that I saw those beautiful blue eyes was Saturday morning. He opened those eyes, and tried to speak to me, the words would not come. I talked to him and he looked at me and winked. That wink spoke volumes to me, and I will treasure that memory.  It was his last gift to me.

Daddy is at peace now. The demon called Alzheimer’s may have won that battle, but Daddy won the war. There are some things that the demon can’t claim, and Heaven is a place that the demon is not allowed to enter. I told my Daddy that I would see him later, without the presence of the demon.

Unbelievably there are still so many tears left uncried. Tears for his suffering, tears for my family’s suffering, tears for what we have lost, tears for a future without his wisdom to guide me, and tears cried for joy because his suffering has ended.

My little girl heart waits to see him again. I will slip my hand into his and we will have a different view of those stars. Until then I will hold onto the precious memories he has left behind. I will attempt to follow in the footsteps he left for us. I will remember the advice given to me, and I will laugh at every cornball joke that he would have liked. I will remember that there are things that the beast can’t steal and cherish those things, and yes, sometimes I will cry.

I love you Daddy, I’ll never stop and I’ll see you later.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Fire Department Tribute to Daddy

Yesterday was Daddy's funeral. This is a small community and there was a time there was no fire department here, only the fire department in a local town. Our fire department is made up of volunteers. My Daddy was a pioneer of the DHFD. He was the first Chief, and served for a number of years.
Yesterday this department paid a beautiful tribute to Daddy. It was a cold rainy/misty day as you can see in the above picture. Yet this department turned out for Daddy's funeral, taking time off from work and daily responsibilities for Daddy.
If you have heard the bagpipes play at the funeral of a fire fighter, then you know the emotions involved as the pipes fade away.
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Our fire department did an excellent job, and I am proud of them for what they have done. These men will never know how much their efforts were appreciated, thank you is not enough. Recognizing my Daddy for his efforts was emotional for me, but so deeply appreciated. Thank you Henry and each one of you for what you have done. You will never know what this meant to me.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Daddy Went Home Today

Early this morning, Daddy went home. No words to describe how I feel right now, conflicting emotions are in my heart.
He is no longer suffering, for that I am grateful, but my Daddy is gone. I feel like a lost child at this moment. My little girl heart is broken.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


The time that I have been dreading is coming. Daddy's difficult battle with the Alzheimer's beast is coming to an end. His oxygen levels are low and his physical body is weak and fragile. Daddy was always so strong, as a child, I believed that he was the strongest man in the world.
Daddy, Mama and me
This morning, I walked to his side and smiled and said "Good Morning", he tired to talk to me, and couldn't. I bent down and kissed him and told him that I love him. He looked into my eyes, trying to speak, no sound would come, his lips moved. He looked at me and winked. I wanted to dissolve into tears, but smiled instead. Daddy was letting me know he understood my words and loved me too. He tried to smile, but was not able to.
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Uncle John, Gran, Mama, Daddy, Granny and Granddaddy

My grown person brain understands what is happening. My little girl heart is breaking, and longs for the times that I waited for Daddy to get off of the tractor, and ran to meet him. It longs for the times that we stood on the porch, my small hand in his, looking at a nighttime sky that looked like black velvet with twinkling diamonds, and looked as if you could reach out and grab a star. It longs for warm evenings on the porch swing, watching fire flies, or winter evenings spent by the fire toasting marshmallows. It longs for the times that he taught me to do things, build something, check the oil in my car, or any of the million things that he taught me to do. There were so many questions left unasked. I listened to what he told me about the weather. I listened to the wisdom this descendant of a farmer had to share with me. He explained everything to me in a way that I understood. Why do birds fly, how do seeds grow, what kind of bug is that and what does it do,and he told me stories about his life too. As an adult, I asked questions still, and he patiently answered each question. At this moment I would gladly sit on the planters sowing seeds for our garden, as he drove the tractor. I would help him tear down that head, even if I got grease underneath my nails, and I would shuck corn, as we did every year. It was an opportunity to spend time with him, I did enjoy it and learned so much from Daddy, but I am left longing for more of those times. I am finding it difficult to be a grown up about this. My head understands, my heart feels differently about the situation.
We have spent the past few years saying goodbye, it should be easier than this. I guess that no amount of understanding the situation will make it easy to go through. A cure for this disease will not come fast enough. How many victims will the beast take before a cure is found? How much hurt will be imposed before it is stopped?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Musing - A is for Atticus

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It is time to pull out the Christmas decorations again. That is fun and exciting, but the memory of a certain feline that climbed my Christmas tree year before last still haunts me. Perhaps we will have a woman to cat conversation before the tree goes up; the Christmas Tree Catastrophe of 2010 is etched into my memory.
Mama and I were discussing some things and I mentioned the idea of using some crocheted ornaments on the tree. Mama kindly offered to share some of hers. The generous offer was declined, not because it wasn’t appreciated, it was. It’s just that Atticus will know that these ornaments aren’t mine. It would be best to purchase my own. Atticus would be unable to control himself if he sensed that these ornaments weren’t ours. The end result would be tears for me and fewer ornaments for Mama, while Atticus enjoys giving himself a long innocent bath.
When Mama looks at Atticus, she always says the she thinks he is gorgeous. Atticus hears that remark, and you may notice that he smirks and chuckles under his feline breath. No doubt that he is thinking about how he has her fooled. If Mama sits down, he jumps into her lap, and pretends to be the sweet, loving, and innocent boy that she believes he is. Atticus is never without a plan, and he knows that this is another victory for Team Atticus.
My daughter knows differently. After reading an article that ran last year, she called to offer her support. She was on Team Mom! Katie works very hard to make her Christmas Trees pretty. Each ornament is carefully placed on her trees. Yes, you read that right, trees. It is easy to see why Katie is on Team Mom. If you are not on Team Mom, I don’t even want to know about it.
Atticus is napping peacefully in my lap as this is typed. Perhaps he knows that something is bringing attention to him, and all is right in his world. It is a good thing that he can’t read or type; he would take over this column, rename it and begin to take over the local paper. Next would be his plans to take over the world. The one thing that he does know is that the “A” on our note cards does not stand for our last name, it stands for Atticus.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

"New" Laundry Room Sign

When we moved into this house, (5 years ago) the laundry room was, well less than desirable. I wondered what and how to do something with it. This has been a problem room. Every idea that I had never looked right to me for some reason. Finally I decided to paint the room a soft green and paint the trim white. This gave me a clean look that I was pleased with.
The next question was, what to hang on the walls? I used some old things that I had and was still dissatisfied. Everything seemed like an odd assortment of junk thrown together. One day while browsing blogs, the idea to use black hit me. More to come on that!
My husband had taken down an old ceiling fan. I asked him to save the paddles. He looked at me like I had apparently lost my mind and asked "why". I didn't have a particular project in mind, but knew that something would come to mind.
Yes, that is really an ugly ceiling fan blade in the picture below. That side now faces the wall and will no longer offend my eyes.
I painted the flat side with two very thin coats of white paint, then painted the words. After it dried it was distressed it a bit.
There are 3 holes at the top of the blade that needed to be hidden. My husband had the idea to use some rusty chain to hang the blade. This made the holes appear to have a use.
This now hangs in a narrow space between the shelves and a window. The hardest part about this project was making sure that it was imperfect, I wanted a handmade look. It seems as if each time I try to make something imperfect, it would be easier to make it appear perfect.
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Everything that we used for this project was something that we already had. Making this a no cost project! We also found a use for something that would have been thrown away.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Papering!

The leftover wallpaper was begging to be used! So I decided to line the drawers in the buffet with this pattern.
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Wish that I could remember what I paid for all of the wallpaper! It couldn't have been more than a couple of dollars. After the buffet is finished, there will be plenty of paper left over. Meaning that I will have to think up more projects!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bookcase Redo

Last year, I decided to redo the table and chairs in the dining room. Our dining room is not a formal room, but it suits this old farmhouse just right. I was itching to get my brush on the bookcase in the background, but the real world had a different idea.
The china cabinet was in need of some TLC and received the same treatment. 
Then the moment that I decided that if this was to be done, then the only way to get it done was to just jump in with both feet and start working. The bookcase was painted with a flat paint, then antiqued with a stain and finally waxed with 2 coats of wax.
We had purchased some wallpaper leftovers at a yard sale last summer. My husband asked what I planned to do with them. I was not sure, but I knew that I liked the patterns and a project would come along.
He patiently matched and hung the paper on the shelf. Afterwards, he told me that getting any ideas about hanging wallpaper on the walls could possibly result in divorce. Fortunately for me, I like painted walls, guess that I will continue to like painted walls!
We, meaning he, hung a different pattern on each shelf. Please forgive the quality of these pictures, there is almost no natural light in this room. It is difficult to get good pictures.
I am pleased with the look of this new and old shelf.
This was his first try at hanging wallpaper, I think he did a great job! We have some left, now what can I do next? Hmmmmm...
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Time to begin decorating for Christmas, can't wait to get this shelf ready for Christmas!


Musing - Little Peep's Egg Song

Little Peep made an announcement this past week. This declaration came in the form of the egg song. Little Peep is part Americauna and has laid a green egg. Little Peep has been lucky having been rescued several times; making this egg one of the most lovely eggs I have ever seen. We were beginning to wonder if she would actually lay eggs. Her short life has been filled with drama and trauma.
Little Peep has almost fully recovered from her attack by the evil ADD Chicks. Her feathers have almost completely grown back. This was a moment of triumph for Little Peep. She is important in the chicken world; she has the ability to lay eggs. She has the respect of her peers, with the exception of the evil ADD Chicks of course. She can hold her head high, strut around that pen and wink at the young rooster now. She can fly to the top of the laying boxes and look over into the pen where the evil ADD Chicks live, and laugh. Little Peep is prettier, younger and lays lovely green eggs. The ADD Chicks won’t remember this plan or care that they are being snubbed.
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This must be a joyous occasion for chickens. When one of the girls begins to sing her song for the first time, everyone joins in. I have even heard the rooster attempt to sing this song. The girls gather around and attempt to cheer and offer encouragement to the chicken attempting to lay an egg.

If you are familiar with chickens, then you know that the egg song is not a product of my imagination. It also does not sound like a song. The sounds are made before an egg is laid. The first time we heard it, we just knew that something was terribly wrong. Experience has taught us differently, and now the egg song sounds more like music to my ears.

Little Peep is now able to sing her sweet egg song. Her determination to live the best chicken life that she could is paying off. There are still times the she sits and stares off into space, perhaps dreaming the dreams that only chickens understand. The goal to lay an egg has been met. Time will tell what adventures she may dream. I hope that it does not involve being rescued, that dream is a little old now.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hen Fruit

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Hen fruit, cackle berries, fresh eggs, call it what you like. Little Peep has gone into production!! This is her first egg!!

Little Peep is 3/4 Americauna and will lay a green colored egg. I have never had a hen go into production this late in the year, but Little Peep was hatched late in the spring of this year. Her adopted mother was a duck.

Her timing is excellent, I will be needing lots of eggs this week!! Go Little Peep!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Musing - Opportunities Realized

Opportunities are where we choose to look for them. Every day we have countless decisions to make, our automatic pilot takes over and these chances go unnoticed. Alzheimer’s has more than its share of horrid, awful, heart wrenching moments. Learning to look for the opportunities casts a different light on this hideous beast, despite the disease there are treasures waiting to be found.
Sadly this experience has taught me to seize precious moments as they present themselves. A smile from a loved one is a gift that we often over look. However when you hope and wonder if today you will see that smile you realize that smile was actually a priceless gift waiting to be opened and enjoyed.
The opportunity to hear someone tell you a story about your loved one that you may not have heard before is a chance that should not be neglected. Laughter is an event that is overlooked. When Daddy laughs, we don’t know what he finds amusing, but it is a sign that for that particular moment, he finds a small amount of joy. The simple act of talking is an opportunity. When Daddy calls me to his side to ask a question or to tell me something, I may not understand the words he uses, but he is attempting to give me the gift of communication. The times that I have slipped my hand into his, were another opportunity realized for me.
These occasions have been overlooked and taken for granted the majority of my life. These unrealized opportunities were actually gifts. Realizing that these presents are quickly fading away, they are now priceless treasures. My heart regrets that it took a demon called Alzheimer’s to teach me this lesson. How many gifts went unnoticed?
There is more to be thankful for than I realized. Thursday, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. We have more to be thankful for than we take the time to notice. Our time here is limited, and the possibilities we have before us that are unappreciated will be gone too quickly. Often times before we realized that an unclaimed treasure was sitting before us.
Those small blessings are really the big ones if we simply take the time to recognize those blessings. Wishing you each a Thanksgiving Day filled with opportunities. They are there if you look for them, and seize the quickly fleeting chances that will come your way.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Pumpkin Chiffon

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This is a tradition in my family. My daughter loves it, she will hurt you if you tell her that you ate the last piece! We were talking last night and I asked her if she was still planning to make a pumpkin pie. She laughed and said that she didn't want to do anything that might prevent a certain pumpkin dessert from showing up. I asked her if she would like to take over the Pumpkin Chiffon duties, there was silence on the line. Guess that I will be making this dessert again this year.

Pumpkin Chiffon has a graham cracker crust, a cheesecake layer (how can you go wrong with cheesecake?), a creamy layer of pumpkin and finally whipped topping. I am not sure about the origins of this recipe, but it is worth a yearly repeat! Make this recipe a day ahead and allow it to sit in the refrigerator, one less thing to do on Thanksgiving Day!

Pumpkin Chiffon

1 3/4 cups graham cracker crumbs (we use cinnamon graham crackers)
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter, melted

Combine the crumbs, sugar and butter. Mix until all crumbs are moistened. Press into the bottom of a 13x9x2 dish. Set aside.

8 ounces softened cream cheese
2 eggs beaten
3/4 cup sugar

Mix cream cheese, eggs and sugar together. Beat until fluffy and spread over the crust. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Set aside to cool.

2 small packages or 1 large package of instant vanilla pudding
1 3/4 cups milk
2 cups mashed cooked pumpkin
dash cinnamon
1 cup whipped topping

Combine the pudding and the milk and beat for about 2 minutes using the medium speed of electric mixer. Add the pumpkin and cinnamon and mix well. Stir in 1 cup of whipped topping. Spread the pudding mixture over the cooled cream cheese layer.

Spread the remaining whipped topping over the pumpkin layer and sprinkle with 1/2 cup chopped toasted pecans. Store dessert in the refrigerator. This makes about 16 servings.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Walking for Daddy

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This past Saturday, the Central Georgia Walk to End Alzheimer’s was held at the Perry Fairgrounds. My daughter led a team named The Memory Makers. The team was small, consisting of Katie, her dad, myself and Kevin. What this team lacked in quantity, it made up for in quality. Katie’s efforts made her a member of the Champions Club, an honor reserved for those raising over five hundred dollars. We haven’t met our goal yet, but there is some time left.
The event began with a Purple Pancake Breakfast. The opening ceremony featured local people who had been affected by Alzheimer’s in one way or another. Flowers were raised to honor those with Alzheimer’s and remember those that had Alzheimer’s. As of this writing, this district has raised over $144,000 towards finding a cure for this disease. It was an emotional day.
My daughter is an amazing young woman; she took up this cause without the guidance of her mother. She had to react. I follow her lead, and again she made a difference in my life.
Reading the stats on this disease shakes me to the core of my being with the realization that every person will feel the fallout from the disease in some way. Some will develop the disease; some will care for someone with the disease. Some will lose a precious loved one to the disease. Some will lose a friend. Think about the many ways that this will affect you, and it may not happen once, it may happen several times. If you think you will escape the effects, there is the increasing cost of caring for patients. Estimated costs to provide care for 2012 are about $200 billion in the United States alone. Those costs will increase annually. You will be affected.
November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Seeing how the demon called Alzheimer’s affects my precious Daddy, knowing that my loved ones are vulnerable, knowing that people I have known all of my life are vulnerable, knowing that people I have never met are vulnerable, and knowing people that live with the beast, I find it impossible to sit back and do nothing. Each time I can’t remember something, I find myself wondering if the demon has his eye on me as well.  This is a battle for lives, and we are each involved in this battle. We can’t change things for Daddy, but we will continue to fight, for him, ourselves and for you.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Morning Sunshine

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The rain was needed and appreciated, but this morning's sunshine is appreciated too! So happy to see the sun!
The Crepe Myrtle is wearing her fall colors now. She is getting ready to rest for awhile. Next summer, she will show off her lovely purple blooms. For today, I will enjoy the way the sun dances on her leaves.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Musing - Desperately Seeking A Coffee Maker

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It happened again this week, the demise of another coffeemaker. Perhaps the demands of a daily pot of coffee were more than this machine could handle. This past week the first cup was fine, the second cup tasted burnt. We have a problem! So I did the normal things, cleaned the coffee maker again, checked on the Internet for a solution etc., and nothing seemed to help. My beloved coffee maker was done, kaput, finished, over and dead.
There were options; we could make 2 cups of coffee at a time, which was inconvenient. There was the option of making a pot as usual, turning the machine off and warming up the coffee a cup at the time in the microwave. That option was quickly cast aside, the burnt coffee had a better taste than coffee warmed in the microwave. It was now time to consider the purchase of a new machine.
There are a variety of coffee makers on the market and a variety of prices as well. There are machines that can be programmed to start your coffee for you and admittedly Kevin and I both find this option attractive. Unfortunately for me it would require that the instruction manual be read. Daddy always called them destruction manuals. My ADD kicked in and I began to ponder why my family seems to be unable to read instruction manuals, now back to reality. I could just get Kevin to read the manual and program the machine for me, but what if he forgets? There would be no coffee in the morning!
There are as many decisions to make when attempting to purchase a coffee maker as there are opinions. There is cowboy coffee, made in a percolator over an open fire, not an option for me! There are various types of machines, and percolators, stove top and electric, and a French Press. There is cold brewed coffee, iced coffee and instant coffee. There are choices for the type of coffee, dark roast, medium roast, gourmet etc, and the type of water used. such as spring, tap, distilled etc.. What is blonde coffee and why would anyone drink it?
My head was beginning to ache with the options available. We had to make a decision, so we chose to pull out our French Press, for now anyway. It offers a deliciously smooth cup of coffee and there are no filters to buy. Cleaning is simple, it fits in the dishwasher. There is also the benefit of less counter top clutter. I will exercise my right to change my mind. My feelings will be different one cold winter morning when I need coffee quickly.