Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Music Table

A dear friend sent me a picture and text one afternoon asking me if I wanted some goodies that she had happened on. Of course I said yes!!
This former silverware table was in need of some love. I sat this table to the side waiting for inspiration to strike.

This piece was simply in need of love and inspiration. The silverware box was not original to the table, and the table was pieced together from different pieces and painted to match. My heart would not break over painting this table.

Inspiration finally struck! I needed a place to keep music books and sheet music, and decided that this piece would fit my needs. So I gave the table a coat of paint, an overcoat of glaze, and a good waxing.

Kevin was called in to repair/replace hinges; he used what he had in his stash. As a good wife, I feel that it my duty to help my husband sharpen his carpentry skills, so various projects must be kept going at all times. It is a sacrifice, but I do it for my husband.

The inside was not pretty. We had scraped the glue out of the inside of the box and I decided to decoupage the inside. My first thought was to use old sheet music. So a trip to the local antique mall was in order.
Phillip helped me find a book that would be okay to use. When I got home, I was looking through the book, and found some music that I didn't have! I couldn't do it! I couldn't destroy this book!
Change of plans now, I wouldn't feel as bad about using an old novel.

There is now a place to keep my music! Sheet music is kept in the box, and books are placed on the bottom shelf!
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The cost for this project was less than $2! The paint and glaze were what I had on hand, and the book was from the attic. The glue for the decoupage was the only purchase. Should I change my mind and want to do something different with the table, I can change it again.
This table was on my list of projects to be completed this year and now I can strike it off the list. Woo Hoo!

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