Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Resolution

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Every year I make New Year's Resolutions. These resolutions are not there to punish, they are my road map, my guide to the things that I want to accomplish during that year. There is a sense of satisfaction in crossing items off of the list, and that satisfaction pushes me to achieve as many of the items on my list as possible.
This year I want to play the piano more than I have been. I want to spend more time practicing. This has been a hard decision to make, because this is my Daddy's piano. This piano is now in my house, it is a bittersweet decision. There are so many memories of Daddy standing behind me and singing or just whistling as I played. If Daddy were able to understand the situation now, he would want me to continue to play and practice more.
That makes the decision a no brainer, but it was still difficult. Daddy is not aware that the piano is not at the house anymore, much less at my house, but I can't allow current circumstances to prevent me from doing something that I loved and that Daddy loved hearing me do.
This year I will play the piano more, I will practice more. Daddy will not know that I am playing, but I will.
Atticus will not be "helping" me, and doesn't know how to play, he just loves any opportunity to have his picture taken. This picture was taken early last summer when we moved the piano into the house.

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