Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitchen Desk

This is my kitchen desk. It belonged to my aunt, and was in my brother's shed. He said that it was in his way, so I gladly took it. I knew that it could be pretty and useful once again. The only regret that I have about this desk, is that I did not take a before picture.

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Trust me, it did not look like that! The top was warped, Kevin worked on it and now it is better. The drawers were missing, so Kevin cut some scrap wood to make shelves.
We sanded and painted this desk, using some paint that we had on hand. After I finished the desk, I looked at the book shelf and thought that it should be painted too. Kevin built the shelf from scrap wood that he found and I had painted the shelf a pale yellow. It was painted to match the desk. The stool was a yard sale find. Kevin cut a circle from some scrap wood. We gave it some cushioning with fiberfill that I had on hand and a piece of fabric that was also on hand. The cost for this project was $1! The cost of the stool, everything else was leftover from a previous project.
I did purchase some baskets to use in the desk at the dollar store. I purchased 4 baskets for $1 each. These baskets are not in the above picture. I am considering making a liner for the baskets that matches the cushion on the stool. It is one of those projects that hasn't been completed yet!
This desk may not be perfect for a fancier home, but it fits my farm kitchen just right! Now I have a place to sit and make a grocery list, or write a recipe.


  1. Been seeing many of those desks refurbished lately. Looks nice. New follower an oh I love that porch. wanted to add one while redoing this house but was not able to due to being too close to the road..

  2. Welcome!! I am so glad that you like it!! I love porches too, one of the things that I love about this old farmhouse!! Heading on over to pay you a visit right now!! Thanks for visiting and following me!!!!


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