Friday, February 10, 2012

The Mind of Atticus

The mind of Atticus is not a complicated place. He has few thoughts, but the thoughts that he has are of course self centered. The main thoughts running through his feline brain are need fresh food, fresh water, need sleep, need more mischief in my life, need sympathy, and how to meet these needs.

Fresh food and water are easy, simply meow and if those needs are not immediately met, meow louder increasing the volume until fresh food and water appear. Sleep is also an easy need to satisfy. A favorite spot for a nap is Kevin’s chair; the result is a showdown between the two.

The scene is something like this. Kevin walks in the den and spots Atticus, napping contentedly in the recliner. Silence envelops the room; the sound of wind blowing can be heard as tumbleweed rolls across the floor. The showdown is about to occur, and everyone scurries for cover. I can’t be sure but I think that I have heard the sound of music from an old western playing in the background. Kevin pauses, his hand twitches, slowly he walks across the den floor. The sleeping feline continues napping, ignoring the scene unfolding around him. The air is heavy with anticipation.

Our dog Riley, peers out from the safety of her kennel, wishing that she had the ability to close the kennel door. The battle begins as Kevin stops in front of his chair, reaching down he taps on the shoulder of Atticus, instructing him to wake up and move. Atticus realizes that the standoff is about to take place, and remains in position, eyes closed. Kevin speaks again, and is ignored. Irritated, Kevin picks up the feline and places him on the floor, undeterred Atticus jumps back into his place. Kevin removes the feline again. Atticus backs down, realizing that it may appear that he lost the battle; he knows that he has won. He comes to me meowing pitifully, he has met his needs for sleep and mischief, and now he will receive the coveted emotion of sympathy from me.

The mind of Atticus may be a simple place, but this conniving feline knows how to win a battle, and meet his feline needs.

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