Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Last Friday, Mama handed me a box. She told me that it was a surprise box! When I opened the box, there were cards and letters inside from my childhood. There were letters from pen pals, cards from family and friends and Valentines cards from my childhood.

I was thrilled to say the least, and amazed to look at these cards.

They were so sweet looking!

Cards do not look like this now, and yes I am aware that these are dated looking. I was a child in the late 60's and early 70's. These cards reflect that era.

The selection was small back then. Choices were whatever was available at the grocery store, drug store, or dime store. Do you remember dime stores?
There were no big box stores, or superstores then. We were rural children and these Valentines were purchased from the closest small town store. The cards that I gave were similar, sometimes several of us had the same types of cards. We didn't care, we were happy to have cards to give.

There were cards from classmates, and my name was misspelled. I loved it, that misspelling is sweet to me. Melanie was not the easiest name for children to spell. The precious childish handwriting of my classmates is a treasure to see again.

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Seeing these cards again brought back sweet memories. Couldn't help but wonder, do children still exchange these cards?


  1. I wish they still had these sweet Valentines, I remember making the shoe boxes, decorated just for you, making a valentine for each of my classmates and the school exchange. Then you would see how many you received and if you got one from that special boy!

  2. I remember hoping for a Valentine from that special boy too!!! I wish that they still had those sweet Valentines too!!


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