Friday, February 3, 2012

Warm Winter Days

Winter is an important time of year. This is the time that we review what we did right last year, as well as what we did wrong, the things that we would like to change, what we will plant in the garden and projects for the upcoming year.
This year is different, the weather has been warmer and I have had trouble staying inside. There is so much fun/work that I could be outside enjoying.

The daffodils are blooming! I love their happy, sunny and bright yellow faces, that have emerged from the cold dead winter ground. These are a reminder that winter will not last forever, spring will come.

These gals are not complaining about the warmer days! They are about the business of pecking around and finding goodies that were hiding during the colder days.

Aunt Bea is happy to enjoy the warm sunshine.

Doc pretends not to enjoy anything, he is watching over his flock. We however know the truth, the warm sunshine feels good to him too!

Clover is taking a break from her busy schedule and enjoying the warm winter sun.

Gladys had to take a break this morning to attend to some important business, she is finished now and will make her way back to the warm sunshine.

My constant companion Suz, is enjoying the weather. Suz is always beside me when I work outside. She doesn't know that a vet visit is in her future, she is almost old enough. No kittens for you my little friend!
It seems that everyone is enjoying playing in the sun and enjoying the fresh air.

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Almost everyone, Atticus is not moving from this spot! He has occupied the recliner and is not moving.
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  1. Love your cats! I am a cat person. Thank you for visiting my blog. We will be having an animal blog hop hopefully starting up next week. I would love to see stories of your pets on it. Right now There is a farm girl hop on my blog. It's a great way for people to find your blog.

    1. Michelle, Thank you for visiting!! I look forward to the animal blog hop! There is never a lack of inspiration here!

  2. Your blog won't let me follow it right now. So I will try later on.

  3. I love your photos of all your critters-the goat, the hens, the duck, and the cats! Isn't country life grand?

    1. Thank you Jane! Yes, country life is grand!!!

  4. I'd love to have ducks! I think they're so beautiful. Do you know if they're much more difficult to look after than chickens?Rx

  5. Thanks for stopping by Rachel! No, they are not difficult to look after! They are different, but not difficult!


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