Monday, March 19, 2012

Attic Room

We live in an old farmhouse, it may not be perfect or look like some of the pictures that I see in blog land, but it is home for us, and we are happy with it. This is an attic room that was finished for it's time possibly, maybe, well who knows. The walls are the lovely old original bead board, someone painted them white before we moved in, and the floors are hardwood.
This has been a catch all room, the room where all of the stuff that you don't use any longer, or the room to store odd stuff that you really don't know what to do with. Doesn't everyone have one of those, please say that you do!
If you have been reading this blog, you know that my Daddy has Alzheimer's, when the time came to make changes at my parent's home, somethings had to go. The desk/table thingy was one of those things. Daddy built it, Mama hated it! Daddy wanted to put it in the dining room next to the piano, Mama said no way. Daddy won that one, one of the few that he did win! LOL!! His keyboard sat on this desk/table thingy. Admittedly, I am a daughter that loves her Daddy, but this thingy was ugly. I took it to get it out of Mama's way and because Daddy built it, so I couldn't just toss it! Fast forward to last weekend when Ace Hardware was giving away a free can of their new paint, and the idea of creating a room took shape in my mind. Of course I didn't remember to take before pictures until I had painted part of the desk/table thingy.

The salesman claimed that it was one coat coverage, I used 2 thin coats, hoping to prevent drips. After this piece dried, it was waxed. This piece does look better blue that it did when it was green.
As this is a room that will not be used by anyone but us, my first thought was that there would be no budget, just use what we have here on hand. However there are things that will need to be purchased, such as a curtain rod. Other things will pop up, but the budget that I decided on was $50. So far I have spent $1.75 plus tax on this room. It is far from finished.
I thought to myself, if this was for us, why shouldn't it be a space that we can use and enjoy? It deserved a budget, even a small one, and a challenge for me to create something comfortable and useable.

This desk/table thingy looks a little more respectable now.
This small green table had been painted and used in the guest room. A different table is in there now, so this little table found a home in the attic room. she has lovely legs!

A coat of paint, some wax and accessories that were stored are used in this beach themed room.

Another "attic treasure" was this shelf, it was purchased at a yard sale, but never used. I almost hated to paint over it, but I was not using it. If I didn't paint it, it would have just gone back into storage, what good is that? The shelf was painted and waxed, finished picture to come later.

Another "attic treasure" from Mama's, was this piano bench. This went with my first piano, and was not in the best of shape. The piano was sold long ago, but the broken bench remained in my parents attic.
My husband repaired the bench, it has been repainted and recovered and the reveal will come later. This bench was restored to respectability!

This shelving unit was in my brother's shop. the shop was cleaned out a couple of years ago. My brother needed to use the building for his job, there was some of my stuff/junk in there. These shelves were not part of my junk however, just want to make that clear!
We were all standing there that Saturday, and Daddy kept asking each one of us if we wanted the ugly shelves. Everyone said no, Daddy had his feelings hurt, my heart broke, something happened to me in that moment, I am claiming some type of insanity. My voice began speaking and said that I would take the ugly shelves. Daddy smiled, inside I was screaming "what is wrong with you", my husband just looked at me. He quietly loaded the shelves onto our trailer. These shelves had to be taken apart to be put upstairs, they are UGLY, so there was no before pictures. I was not risking damage to my camera!! These shelves have teased and taunted me for 2 years! They can be heard singing bad songs from the 80's, and they sing off key too! I don't where my Daddy found these things, but I couldn't stand for his feelings to be hurt.
They have received a coat of paint, sealing up any desire on the part of these shelves to sing bad music! A coat of wax will be next, hopefully ending the bad music, and all of those things from the 80's that we would all like to forget! Including a few hairstyles!

There has to be a way to give these shelves respectability!
An old headboard and mattress set was in the room, the headboard got a paint job, and a painting from high school was hung up over the bed. Not happy with the painting in that place, but the room isn't finished yet.

An old plate rack was hung on the wall and a set of dishes was placed on the rack. The dishes have a lighthouse on them. The drop leaf table was in my brother's shop and the old chairs were in the attic room. They got a coat of paint from paint that I already had. I used a semi gloss paint, so no waxing!

If you notice the bottom right hand corner in the above picture, you will see my "helper" investigating. He is keeping me safe, or maybe he is just being nosey!

There are not pictures of the entire room for a reason, it still needs lots of work! There are boxes that must be dealt with, furniture that needs to be painted and pictures to be hung.
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My goal was to take an unused attic room, use the furniture on hand, my creativity, $50 and create a room that we would use. Not finished by a long shot, but working on it daily. There is much to do, and a reveal will come later when the project is completed.


  1. Looks like you are doing a really good job with your room. $50 can actually go pretty far when you are fixing things up!

    1. Thanks Sandy! Hoping not to use it all!! That would be even better.


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