Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Kids

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When I was younger, I dreamed of having kids, not the goat kids, but the human kind. That may not have worked out for various reasons, one being that I was so busy having fun with that one human kid! The time flew quickly, and now this human kid is a woman. Babies seem to bring those thoughts to the front of a mother’s mind.
My temporary kids, the goats, are doing great. Growing, running and playing happily, these two are changing almost before my eyes. There are no more late night feedings, and I am missing their sweet night sounds and wiping their milk mouths. They remain unnamed; their only title is “the boys” or “my boys”. The thought that my little fellows will be gone in a couple of week’s tugs at my heart strings, but this was never about me, and I must do what is right and fair to them.
There has been a discussion with Clover about the possibility of keeping one here. Clover would then have the opportunity to create the type of goat-man that she needs in her life. She can teach him to do the things she wants done. Like how to scratch her sides, or maybe she could convince him to bring cookies to her. Then she would not have to get up, she could lie down and eat her special goat cookies.
We have in fact discussed this idea with Clover, at great length, and feel that it might be a possibility. There are 2 boys, she could choose, a woman likes options and Clover is no different. Her last potential boyfriend left, in disgrace. He was rejected by the goat woman that he longed to marry. We have not offered to pay for the therapy that Bill will no doubt need to put his damaged and bruised ego back together, and hope to avoid another such incident.
In the meantime, my boys are quickly growing and changing. Their antics keep me laughing. They are also curious. The cats however are not very appreciative of this curiosity, most especially when they find themselves the object of that curiosity! It is part of the learning process for them. Besides, if one of them is going to grow up and marry Clover, he had better learn as much as he can right now. He will need a great quantity of knowledge to deal with Clover.


  1. I have never been around goats much..but they seem adorable and funny.

    1. They are adorable and funny! I never dreamed that I would enjoy them this much!


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