Monday, March 19, 2012

Vanilla Chai Tea

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There was an email in my inbox this week, with a recipe for Vanilla Chai Tea. The author described this tea as tasting so good, that her eyes rolled back in her head. Since I have used some of her recipes, I decided to investigate further. Was I missing something good? There are recipes all over the Internet and mixes in the grocery store, this gave me the feeling that something good may be out there and I haven’t tried it yet. The ingredients sounded tasty, the spices were cinnamon, cloves and ginger, and reminiscent of a tea that we drank years ago called Russian Tea. There was the addition of milk in this recipe.
Would this tea change my life, would I no longer be able to enjoy a glass of cold sweet tea without longing for the taste of Chai? Would I become enlightened, rich and famous by drinking this Chai? What about my coffee? This is a life saving beverage in my home, and my husband insists or demands rather, that I drink a cup or three before attempting conversation with him.
Was it possible that a life sustaining force outside of my
morning cup of coffee existed? Sweet tea and coffee are a vital part of life in the south. Tea has a special place in our hearts and we all know the taste of our mama’s and our grandmother’s tea. My Granny’s tea was particularly good and my Aunt makes sweet tea that tastes very close to Granny’s, perhaps it is the water, but her method is perfect. What could taste better than cold sweet tea or a steaming cup of coffee?
Carefully following the directions, the tea was made. It was pretty and smelled nice, but a sip revealed what I had suspected all along, it is not as good as my tea or coffee. My wonderful cup of dark roast coffee with one teaspoon of sugar, and milk, not creamer has not been replaced by a funny sounding drink. My eyes did not roll back in my head and the only revelation that I can claim is that coffee and sweet tea are still the drink of choice at my house. The first clue to my final decision should have been when I read that Chai, means tea. When we say Chai Tea, we are really saying Tea Tea. I’m just saying……


  1. LOL! Be careful of the Tea Tea! What a wonderful post and I love your writing. I've tried the Chai tea in a mix and it was good but too sweet. I'll just stick to my old Lipton!
    thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Thank you Sheila!! I thought that it was too sweet also, just prefer my good old sweet (but not too sweet) tea and coffee!!! Thanks for stopping by to visit!!!

  2. There is a little coffeeshop in a small town not far from us that makes the best Chai Latte that I've ever had. I wonder if I could get their recipe???

  3. I would try that recipe if you shared!! Maybe I didn't make it right? Wasn't bad, just not better than my morning cup of coffee and a glass of sweet iced tea.


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