Friday, April 13, 2012

Attic Room and Excuses

The attic room is not finished yet, but some work has happened in the room. A mirror was taken from the guest room, and hung over the chest. The good and bad thing about this room, is that the bedroom portion is only half of the room.
The room is large, and we have used it for storage.

It has been an unloved and uninspired room.

There is another part of this room, my old sofa, end tables. chair and entertainment center were placed here. Unloved leftovers taking up space. Daddy's old ladder made it's way to this room. It has a future as a shelf! This side of the room has electricity. There was still the problem of lighting for the other side.

I remembered that when we moved into this house, there was this light fixture in the dining room. It was missing a piece of glass on one of the lights, and one piece of the glass was broken.
My husband put the fixture in the barn at my request, where it has remained for 5 years. He removed the wiring, I gave it a coat of white spray paint. My new candelier will hang in the bedroom of the attic room!

We have also been working on another project, which is why the attic room is not completed, so there is my excuse. It seems that I have a problem focusing on one project at a time. I think that it is called ADD now. When I was a kid, ADD was unheard of, it was called not paying attention, and I got in trouble for it a lot!!
Now I can claim it as an excuse. Whatever the reason, my mind thinks of so many things that it wants to do, then I get excited about the prospects of a new project, and begin something new. I have to force myself to finish projects sometimes. Fortunately for the attic room, I am still excited about it! It will not be neglected.

My husband has heard his wife beg him to do this project for 5 years now. In order to stop the begging, he gave in. We had a back porch that deserved this project. This porch is just off of the kitchen, and the barn cats love to lie around on this porch. So it was never clean, and I couldn't have flowers there. Have I mentioned that we live in south Georgia? Meaning gnats, gnats, and more gnats! We thought that it would be nice to have a place to sit outside without gnats and other pests - meaning barn cats.

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The porch will have room for a small table and my potting bench. My herbs will go on the porch and flowers that are barn cat free!! Ideas are bumping into each other in my head, but hoping to have this porch finished this weekend. I am so excited about this, the barn cats, well they know that something is up. They just don't know that it is an eviction notice!


  1. Your new room is definitely inspired now! Love the soft colors and the furniture. I am just like you - have a lot of fires started and really want to finish at least one! It will be nice for you to enjoy the outdoors without those pests bothering you - great job completed!
    Hope you have a great weekend,

    1. Thank you Kathy! It will feel good to get a project completed!! I am excited about the prospect!!

  2. love your rooms! beautiful colors... isn't it the best to go shopping in your own house?!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Love shopping at my house, only problem is that now I need something over the dresser in the guest room! LOL!!

  3. I think your Attic space is looking good. Who made the rule that it had to be finished A.S.A.P?
    I think you can take your time and make it look the way you want it. I didn't realize it was quite so big. You'll be able to have a sitting area too! I love the soft colors of white and blue together.

    I have porch envy! I would love for our back porch to be screened in, for all the same reasons. (well, we don't have any cats) But mosquitoes!
    That is a project I'm wanting to do also.

    can't wait to see yours!

    take care!Pat

    1. Thank you Pat!! I seem to be breaking that rule anyway! I don't seem to finish anything A.S.A.P. anymore.

      Yes, the lack of mosquitoes is certainly a benefit that we will enjoy!!

  4. Everything is looking great! I have about 1,000 projects in my to do list. But I would be bored if everything was done:) I sure would like it if the housework was done though!

    1. I would like it if the housework was done too!! I keep a long to do list too, problem is that when I strike one thing off, 15 more things are added! No end to it, but as you said, I would be bored if everything was done, except housework of course!! Thanks for visiting Sandy!!

  5. Hi Melanie! Your attic space is looking so lovely! Love that soft color you're using. Wish I had an attic space to decorate! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Thanks Shelia!! Decided that the attic space should be enjoyed too!!


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