Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Barn Cat Eviction

The barn cats have been evicted from the back porch. Now I would feel bad if there was nowhere for them to go, but they are barn cats, they have a place to go.
Mamie Jane and Monkey Tail (yes, that is his name, he has a long tail, just like a monkey's tail) have chosen to sit on the steps, in the hopes that they will once again take up residency on the back porch.

There is still touch up work to do, but the porch has been screened!! Woo Hoo!
This was not as easy as we thought that it would be. We must have forgotten that we live in a home that is over 100 years old - nothing is square anymore. so I had to remind myself that for every one thing that I do not like about this house, there are a thousand things that I love about this house.

So the work continues, the barn cats wait and hope that they will return to the "new" porch.

The painting continues, now I have to paint the furniture that will go on this porch. Also have to decide which furniture will go on this porch. This is a picture of the chairs that I think will be used. The chairs are rejects that I found years ago, no cost except the paint, and the table was a thrift store find, cost was $15!

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More cleaning and painting today. More decision making, what to paint and what to use out there. It is exciting, and my excited side wants to make more plans for more projects. My reasonable side reminds me that this porch is not finished, nor is the attic room! Really hating that reasonable side right now!


  1. You are making great progress! Looking good!

    1. Thanks! Just not happening fast enough, life and laundry get in the way! LOL!!


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