Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Porch Lighting

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This is my "new" porch light fixture. I took the picture over the weekend, yesterday was so windy that I did not work on the porch at all! Glass jars with candles will provide the lighting.
This is truly JUNK!! When my parents took the whirlpool tub out of the downstairs bath, we salvaged the boards, this was part of the tub surround. It was sitting in the backyard shed. I have seen the pictures using an old ladder for a light fixture, did not have an old ladder, but had this piece of leftover wood! The chain was leftover from a previous project, the jars will be leftovers too. The wire used to hang the jars will be salvaged as well. The only cost will be the purchase of battery operated candles!!


  1. This is so great!
    Our front porch is dark...the light, is actually on the outside of the porch, and illuminates the steps and the walk.
    We'd have to run some wire to have a porch light-- but this is something even I could do!
    Very clever-- may give this a try.
    I have pickle jars I'm saving for recycle-- they would be perfect.

    yours looks great. ~Pat

    1. That is why I wanted it, no wiring!! I will be using recycled jars too!
      Thanks Pat!!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by! I am glad that you like this blog!!


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