Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Snow

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Really you ask, snow? No, it isn’t snow, but it covers our area better than snow. It is everywhere, just look outside, and you will see it. The golden green coating is everywhere, causing us to sneeze, cough and rub our eyes. There are things about spring that we all love and wait for, but pollen is probably not the highlight of your spring. It is certainly not the highlight of mine. How can the pollen that means new life, mean misery for so many of us?
There was a magazine lying on the counter at Mama’s house yesterday. The cover boasted of an article that promised helpful advice for allergy sufferers. Hungry for relief, I read the article. Finishing the article, I wondered if it was a cruel joke on the part of that writer. What was wrong with this person? The advice was the same that we hear every year, stay inside as much as possible, wash your hair every night, and keep windows closed.
That is old information. I was in need of help, and this cruel writer offered none. This article reminded me of the commercials on TV, the ones that show a sick and suffering person. Then the person takes the advertised medication and they are feeling mighty fine. They are able to play outside, and bury their face in the cat’s fur. We believe these commercials in desperation and purchase their products only to discover that we don’t feel mighty fine after taking the advertised medication.
When I was a child, my parent’s home did not have air conditioning, as did many homes of that time. We slept with the windows up, the sounds of sneezing and coughing were the music we heard at night. Clearly my parents missed a golden opportunity. We could have been the Musical Sneezies, and shared our unique musical abilities with the world. We could have been rich and famous! My Mama could have stood backstage with a vial filled with pollen, and made us take a deep sniff before we went out onto the stage to perform. Now that opportunity is gone, we missed it, the world will never know of our talent. The spring snow still falls, and those of us that suffer pray for rain in the hopes that it will offer relief.

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