Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where I Live - Happy Gardens!

This morning, my garden is happy! Yesterday's rain made this hydrangea very happy!


The day lilies are enjoying the morning sun.

The stone below says "All Things Grow With Love" and I think that it must be true in many ways.

Monkey Tail is enjoying the morning lounging around. He really does have the life doesn't he?

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That's a look into my world this morning. The chickens are singing the egg song, guess that it is time to gather eggs.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcoming the Rain

Today, it is raining, a slow and steady beneficial rain. Rainy days are supposed to be dreary, but I find nothing dreary about this day! We are happy to see this rain, complements of the now defunct tropical storm Beryl.


The ferns from the front porch are enjoying this rain. This rain will make these Boston ferns grow.

The lantana is enjoying the rain, the plants had cried out for this rain. water from the garden hose does not have the same benefit as rain.

The rain on the leaves of this begonia will drip to the soil, making its way to the roots. Some of the rain will be absorbed through the leaves. The results will be a lovely, healthy plant.


The rain began sometime during the night, I know that it was raining early this morning, and has continued all morning. Gently and steadily falling rain, good for the plants, and good for the hearts of those of us wishing it's return.


The orchard needed this rain, my truck, Willene, was happy to see the rain too!


Welcome rain! Thank you for visiting us today, please stay for awhile!

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The animals, plants and people are happy to have you visit us today! This is a much needed rain, and hopefully it will last all day!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Several years ago, there was a commercial on television asking viewers who they thought greatest American was. Pictures flashed across the screen, and each had made a contribution to history. However I thought about the faces I have never seen and the names that I have never heard, Americans that gave their lives fighting for this country. Although the pictures on my TV screen, were people that had in some way made a difference in this country, our military came to mind. These men and some women gave their lives fighting for a country that they loved, and a way of life they wanted to preserve. We have all heard stories of exceptional soldiers, who gave their lives protecting other soldiers. Their dedication was that strong and their conviction that deep. Looking at the question of the greatest American in that perspective, it seemed simple to me. The greatest American is anyone willing to fight for our country, and paying the ultimate price. Memorial Day is considered the unofficial start of summer. The grills come out for the first time. The pool is ready, or maybe a day at the lake is planned. Whatever your plans may be, the Greatest Americans made these plans possible. We are able to enjoy this and every other day because of their sacrifices. We have taken this day and used it as just another holiday, rather than remembering the men and women that died serving in our military. This last Monday in May was once called Decoration Day, and became a federal holiday in 1971. This day of National Day of Mourning should not merely be a 3 day weekend but a remembrance of our fallen soldiers. There is a “National Moment of Remembrance” observed at 3:00 p.m. local time. We have the opportunity to pause for a few moments and think about what this day means. It should be a privilege for us as Americans to observe this moment and this day for what it stands for, and honoring those that gave their lives so that we have this day. It is indeed a privilege to be born in this country. May we never forget the ultimate sacrifices paid by those men and women serving in our military. The Greatest American is a group, not a single individual. Memorial Day is their day to be honored and it is our privilege to honor them.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where I Live - Why We Live Here

We each have a reason(s) for living in the place that we live. We chose to come to the country for many reasons. the most important reason being that we knew what was going on with Daddy. We could have chosen a different house.


We wanted this house. I have always loved this house. It is a wonderful old farmhouse. When we looked at this house, my husband opened the screen door, and it creaked. That was it, I was hooked!

It wasn't the old flowers in the yard.


It wasn't the unfinished attic room upstairs with the old bead board walls, and hardwood floors, but those certainly appealed to me.


Standing in that kitchen that needed painting, the old hardwood floors, the lovely stained glass windows, and the thousand other things that suggested to me that we would love living here, that old creaky screen door was the hook.

My husband looked at me and said that he would fix that. I asked him not to, I loved that sound.


That was the beginning of our life here.


You see, that sound triggered a memory from my childhood. My childhood home had a creaky screen door. It seemed right to me, that a house that we were looking at had a creaky screen door too. My Mama stayed after Daddy to fix that screen door, eventually he did.

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Perhaps my husband will fix that creaky screen door one day. If he does not, that is okay, 5 years later I still like hearing that sound. That sound reminds me why we live here, and it hooked me on this house.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Musing - Daddy Sang

Monday Musings postings are my articles from a local paper. These columns are my property, so I have chosen to use them here, for my friends and family that do not subscribe to that paper. These are the unedited articles. 

There was a time that my response would have not have been surprise. Daddy singing was not anything out of the ordinary, it happened every day, and it could happen at any time during the day. Making music was merely second nature for Daddy. He did not have to think about it, it just happened.

Daddy also whistled another amazing talent he had and shared on many occasions. The sound of his whistle was a musical sound that cannot be duplicated by any musical device. Daddy kept perfect time and stayed on key every time. There have been so many times that Daddy whistled and I sang, or I played the piano and he whistled, our music just happened spontaneously. That is often the best kind of music, the unplanned and unpracticed melodies that flow easily.

When I was a child, I believed that the song Bushel and a Peck was something that he had made up just for me. Daddy always sang that song to me, sometimes bouncing me on his knee as he sang. Imagine my surprise when I discovered differently!

Daddy’s voice is amazing, if you have heard him sing, then you know that this is true. Daddy shared his gift every Sunday morning in the church choir. During the evening services, I sat near Daddy, and listened to the sound of his voice, I did not sing. The sound of his voice was so amazingly awesome, that I just had to be able to hear it.

Last week was my husband’s birthday. We took a birthday cake to Mama and Daddy’s house. The cake was placed in front of my husband and Daddy was asked if he would like to sing Happy Birthday with me. He did, Daddy sang Happy Birthday! He carried the tune perfectly, the words may have been imperfect by a different standard, but it was perfection to our ears! Kevin recognized how valuable this precious gift was.  The cruel and hideous Alzheimer’s beast is stealing everything that it can, but at that moment, Daddy sang. The music will come to an end; this painful knowledge is with us each day. For now, I am able to sit next to him, slip my hand in his, Daddy smiles and sometimes we sing.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Perfect Imperfections

My home is perfectly imperfect.

It is filled with things that are imperfect treasures.

Forgotten junk to someone else, treasures to me.

Items that are now unloved and unwanted by previous owners.

Yard sale items, in need of love.

Waiting to be respectable again.


Lace curtains hang on my windows.


Plates that once held a meal, now have a home on my wall.

Junktiques I call them.


Lovely iron beds, that were thrown out by a previous owner.


These junktiques make their way to my home, where they become my treasures.

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Perfectly imperfect items surround me, and it is comfortable to me.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where I Live - Fig Trees and Blue Jays

Last year, I was afraid that this fig tree would not live, the punishing drought took a huge toll on the plant life here. Happily it is fine. Figs are not ready yet, but soon enough the work will begin. Fig preserves are a staple on tables in this area. Some folks like the syrup only, from fig preserves. That syrup is delicious on fresh homemade biscuits! Yes, we are anxious for a fresh batch of fig preserves.


This morning, it is cool and slightly foggy. I spotted a Blue Jay that was keeping an eye on me. There must be a nest close by.


This Blue Jay flew down from his perch, into the grass, can you see the vivid blue in the green grass? Perhaps this was a parent looking for a meal to feed new offspring.

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This Blue Jay must have found a meal. This bird quickly flew up into the pecan tree branches overhead.
This morning there were Blue Jays playing in the grass, a Cardinal landed nearby, but realizing that there was a human too close for comfort, quickly flew away. A Mockingbird watched the barn cats playing on the ground.
This is just a glimpse into my world this morning, and one of the many reasons that we love country life.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Musing - Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and Mothers deserve a special day. it is hard work raising a kid! My daughter was a lot of fun to raise, even though I think that she had a lot of nerve to grow up when I was still having fun with her. There were things that we didn’t get to do, we ran out of time. The truth is that Motherhood still had trying and difficult moments, even for a Mama that was blessed with a great kid like mine. Once again I am reminded that God knew what He was doing.
Our Creator gives us offspring as babies. Sweet, innocent, precious, and cuddly babies, you can’t help but love them. If God started parents out with teenagers as offspring, then the human race would have ceased to exist. He had to start us out with babies, so we would get attached to them, that way we would be less likely to try and return them.
Imagine hearing a loud thud outside as the stork delivered your brand new teenager, complete with that teen attitude. The first thing your brand new teen would do is complain about the trip and the ignorant stork that brought said teen to your door. Clearly the teen wanted to go to a different more upbeat home. A cool and happening kind of place where there aren’t any dumb rules. We would all throw rocks at that stork, knock him out of the sky, catch him and demand that he take that difficult teen back to the cabbage patch that it came from. Can you imagine how strong a stork’s beak would have to be in order to carry new born teenagers?
Yes, God knew what he was doing in giving us babies instead of teens. God had a plan, and knew how that plan would be carried out. Motherhood must have played a part in His plan. On Mother's Day, we say thanks to our Mothers, birth and adopted, for the job that they did for us. We are each imperfect and flawed, but most of us attempt to do the best job that we can do in raising our babies. Thanks Mama for doing your job as a mother. It must have been real hard work raising my brothers!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Few More Pics From the Garden

My gardening experience has been limited. We lived in an apartment for a long time, the only gardening that I was able to do was in pots. My hands longed to work in the dirt, and now that dream is a reality. Perhaps I am not the most experienced, but I love playing with plants.

Does a garden need a cat? Mine has one, she was caught in the act of drinking out of the fountain, so much for the idea of getting fish.

A few perennials were added to the garden this year.

This shot was taken in the morning, the dew still clings to the leaves.

Bought this stone a couple of years ago, it has faded, but loved the words. It is a reminder to me!

Daisies make me smile, if Daisies were people, they would be happy people!

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There is still a lot for me to learn about gardening, but if I reach a point where the belief that all the knowledge needed has been obtained, then I am not growing!  Gardening is a challenge, but the rewards are lovely!


Fishtail Cottage for Cottage Garden Party

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where I Live - Morning Scenes

Morning time in the country is a wonderful experience!
This is what I see this morning.


Monkey Tail, yes that is his name, has spotted something.


An old lawnmower, sitting neglected and forgotten about.


Cloe, wanting to see what I am doing.


My good rooster, the father of last years chicks.


My BAD rooster, not a fan of my husband. He has spurs, can you see them? My husband tells me that his spurs are pretty sharp!


Pretty flowering bush, enjoying the morning sun.


Miss Mary and Iggy, enjoying the morning coolness.


Aunt Bea and Clara are trying to figure out what I am doing.


The morning sun makes everything look softer.


Fields in need of rain.


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Sunlight that pours through the trees.

What I hear is the sound of a train in the distance, my roosters crowing, my goats softly calling me, tractors passing by and birds welcoming the new day.

What I feel is the soft cool morning breezes on my arms, the sunshine on my face, the soft fur of a cat rubbing against my legs, and the dew on the grass, making my toes wet.

What I smell is the smell of dirt from the fields, a soft floral smell in the breeze, and a slight fuel/machine smell from a passing tractor.

What I taste is a warm cup of coffee.

What I hope for today is a beneficial rain.


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