Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Around My Home

The first time that I looked at this house, I knew that there were things that this house needed, besides the cat that attempts to make his way into pictures.


The house cried out for an old sewing machine. I have wondered about the first inhabitants of this house. They must have had an old sewing machine similar to this one. Those first inhabitants would not understand the things that have happened to their home! The addition of electricity and plumbing would likely be more than they could comprehend, let alone the modern conveniences that we enjoy.


Lace curtains on the windows, old doilies, and rugs were also needed for this home.


The kitchen needed an old cabinet, I finally found one similar to a cabinet that was in my grandparents home.


The bedroom needed old furniture too. This is the dressing table that belonged to my Gran. No, it will not get painted, I love it just as it is right now.


Years ago, I found an old secretary at the local antique mall and wanted it desperately. Unfortunately at the time I was single, and keeping bills paid was more important than acquiring a piece of furniture. Patiently I waited, for almost 10 years, and then one day the opportunity to acquire this lovely piece of furniture came along.


This old home needed a couple of cats, and Miss Mary has been happy to call this place home.


We wanted chickens and a couple of goats. This is one of the babies that we raised, his name is Emmett, or M for short.


We can't imagine this home without the trees that surround it. The shade is appreciated in the summer!


There are a few older shrubs and trees here, I don't know what this is, but it is pretty!


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A couple of rose bushes are here, their fragrance is heavenly.

This is not a new home, time and countless pairs of feet have left scars on the hardwood floors. There are numerous imperfections, there is also a lot of charm here. We know about these imperfections, but choose to focus on the many things that we love about living here. I would not trade a brand new home for this one! Not a chance!!


  1. Lovely post! I want a secretary,too! I think I finally have the place for one. I think I'm going to put one in my bathroom, kind of as a makeup table. You know all those imperfections you were talking about? I say they just add character! Blessings, Tammy

    1. Tammy that sounds like a wonderful idea! Can't wait to see the pictures when you get it in place!! Awesome!!
      Our home is filled with lots of character! ;) And I love it!!

  2. I love your old house Melanie...I wish ours was older and I also wish it had an upstairs. Then again the way my knees feel some mornings maybe not! But I love the look of an old 1 1/2 story or 2 story farm house. Your floors are wonderful and I love that sewing machine. My Nana's sewing machine is waiting for me up in Manitoba Canada where my niece is keeping it for me. I used to play with that old sewing machine when I was a little girl. I love your secretary...I have one that is similar! Miss Mary looks like a sweetheart and so does Emmett. I know how you feel about the trees....if a tornado came through and wiped out our house I would be upset but we could build but if the trees were destroyed I wouldn't want to live here anymore. It's the trees that make me love this farm so much. Beautiful rose and flowering plant. Enjoy your farm and that screened porch (soon) ;) Maura :)

    1. Thank you Maura!! I have always loved old houses! Love their charm and imperfections. Guess that those imperfections make them perfect to me!!


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