Friday, May 18, 2012

Perfect Imperfections

My home is perfectly imperfect.

It is filled with things that are imperfect treasures.

Forgotten junk to someone else, treasures to me.

Items that are now unloved and unwanted by previous owners.

Yard sale items, in need of love.

Waiting to be respectable again.


Lace curtains hang on my windows.


Plates that once held a meal, now have a home on my wall.

Junktiques I call them.


Lovely iron beds, that were thrown out by a previous owner.


These junktiques make their way to my home, where they become my treasures.

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Perfectly imperfect items surround me, and it is comfortable to me.


  1. Hi Melanie~
    I love your perfectly imperfect home! It looks perfectly comfortable to me too.
    I like finding old things and bringing them home as if they were "brand-spankin' new"...I remember a time when I used to attend and even host 'HOME INTERIOR' parties...and buy new stuff to make my house look and feel homey. I find tons of that type of decor at yard sales now... sometimes I scoop it up-- and sometimes I pass it by; because well, I find beauty in other things now.

    love your photos...and those CHICKEN CUPS!!!!


    1. Oh yes, I remember those parties! Hosted and attended them too! I see it at yard sales too, like you I occaisonally grab it, mostly it is passed by. My taste is different, I don't like to walk in someone else's home and see the same things that I have, on their wall too!

      Those chicken cups are part of a set. A local grocery store carried them as a promotion in the 70's.

  2. I love yard sales. I bought my iron bed for 3 dollars. A little sanding and fresh paint and it looks brand new. I can see where these would be treasures, they look great.

    1. What a deal!!! I love a good deal too!!

  3. I enjoy using things in my home that had a previous life too. I think they make a house a home. Looks like you've given a nice home to those junktiques too!

    1. I agree, these things with a previous life help make a house a home!!! Thanks for visiting!!!!


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