Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where I Live - Fig Trees and Blue Jays

Last year, I was afraid that this fig tree would not live, the punishing drought took a huge toll on the plant life here. Happily it is fine. Figs are not ready yet, but soon enough the work will begin. Fig preserves are a staple on tables in this area. Some folks like the syrup only, from fig preserves. That syrup is delicious on fresh homemade biscuits! Yes, we are anxious for a fresh batch of fig preserves.


This morning, it is cool and slightly foggy. I spotted a Blue Jay that was keeping an eye on me. There must be a nest close by.


This Blue Jay flew down from his perch, into the grass, can you see the vivid blue in the green grass? Perhaps this was a parent looking for a meal to feed new offspring.

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This Blue Jay must have found a meal. This bird quickly flew up into the pecan tree branches overhead.
This morning there were Blue Jays playing in the grass, a Cardinal landed nearby, but realizing that there was a human too close for comfort, quickly flew away. A Mockingbird watched the barn cats playing on the ground.
This is just a glimpse into my world this morning, and one of the many reasons that we love country life.


  1. Oh your fig tree looks like it faired well, through the drought. Ours seems to have done well too.
    Our figs aren't ready yet, but I can't wait! I'll have to find a recipe for syrup. I've always just made jam.

    take care, Pat

    1. Was surprised that it survived it was so dry last year! Thanks for visiting Pat!

  2. Very beautiful sights indeed!


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