Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where I Live - Morning Scenes

Morning time in the country is a wonderful experience!
This is what I see this morning.


Monkey Tail, yes that is his name, has spotted something.


An old lawnmower, sitting neglected and forgotten about.


Cloe, wanting to see what I am doing.


My good rooster, the father of last years chicks.


My BAD rooster, not a fan of my husband. He has spurs, can you see them? My husband tells me that his spurs are pretty sharp!


Pretty flowering bush, enjoying the morning sun.


Miss Mary and Iggy, enjoying the morning coolness.


Aunt Bea and Clara are trying to figure out what I am doing.


The morning sun makes everything look softer.


Fields in need of rain.


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Sunlight that pours through the trees.

What I hear is the sound of a train in the distance, my roosters crowing, my goats softly calling me, tractors passing by and birds welcoming the new day.

What I feel is the soft cool morning breezes on my arms, the sunshine on my face, the soft fur of a cat rubbing against my legs, and the dew on the grass, making my toes wet.

What I smell is the smell of dirt from the fields, a soft floral smell in the breeze, and a slight fuel/machine smell from a passing tractor.

What I taste is a warm cup of coffee.

What I hope for today is a beneficial rain.


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  1. Such great images that give us a look into your life. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you Sandy! This morning I was noticing how pretty things are here right now, thought that I would share!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Michelle! Country life is the best to me!!

  3. Replies
    1. It is a funny name, he has the longest tail I have ver seen on a cat! He also has a personality to fit his name and he likes for me to rub his chest! He is so silly!

  4. I felt like I just came over for a visit. I love the names of all the farm animals. I wonder why roosters have such attitudes... you're very lucky, you have a beautiful place.

    1. Thank you Carolyn! Those roosters can develop some nasty attitudes can't they?

  5. Great shots! You've got some handsome roosters there!

    1. Thanks! They are father and son, the father is the part Dominicker.

  6. Oh the country life sounds like bliss! We live in a small town, but no animals. I always wished that I had grown up on a farm. Farm living is the life!
    p.s. Visiting from Rural Thursday. Now a new follower.

    1. Yes, it is the life! thanks for following and heading over to visit you!! Thanks Jann!!!


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