Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where I Live - Why We Live Here

We each have a reason(s) for living in the place that we live. We chose to come to the country for many reasons. the most important reason being that we knew what was going on with Daddy. We could have chosen a different house.


We wanted this house. I have always loved this house. It is a wonderful old farmhouse. When we looked at this house, my husband opened the screen door, and it creaked. That was it, I was hooked!

It wasn't the old flowers in the yard.


It wasn't the unfinished attic room upstairs with the old bead board walls, and hardwood floors, but those certainly appealed to me.


Standing in that kitchen that needed painting, the old hardwood floors, the lovely stained glass windows, and the thousand other things that suggested to me that we would love living here, that old creaky screen door was the hook.

My husband looked at me and said that he would fix that. I asked him not to, I loved that sound.


That was the beginning of our life here.


You see, that sound triggered a memory from my childhood. My childhood home had a creaky screen door. It seemed right to me, that a house that we were looking at had a creaky screen door too. My Mama stayed after Daddy to fix that screen door, eventually he did.

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Perhaps my husband will fix that creaky screen door one day. If he does not, that is okay, 5 years later I still like hearing that sound. That sound reminds me why we live here, and it hooked me on this house.


  1. My Mom has those same dishes and glasses :) I enjoy house sounds like a creaky screen. Enjoy your home!

    1. Thanks Sandy!!! Those dishes were the first set of dishes that I had! Telling my age here!


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