Friday, June 29, 2012

My Farmhouse Bathroom

We live in an old farmhouse, and are lucky that the home has not been subject to countless renovations. The original family that owned this home, was a frugal farm family.

Farmhouse style is comfortable and does not have to cost a small fortune to acheive. The braided rug is an old rejected  and forgotten treasure from my attic.

The shelf is an old board from the shed. The milk glass was picked up at yard sales. The old cruet now holds bath oil. The petunias are volunteers that were growing in the back yard. Petunias are a fragrant flower, and are often found in the yards of older homes, volunteering their fragrance and beauty to anyone willing to stop and smell, and admire their beauty..

The birds are yard sale finds as well.

An old enamel pan olds extra rolls of this bathroom neccesity.

Farmhouse style recycles things that once had a different purpose than the current purpose.

The lace shower curtain is another yard sale find.

My so called treasures are a mixture of odd things.

This old shelf has served several purposes. I don't know what the original purpose was, but it now holds towels and other bathroom items.

My style breaks the rules, an old aluminum bowl holds wash cloths. An old perfume tray now holds cotton ball, q-tips and other decorative items.

My style is imperfect by some standards, but perfectly comfortable to us.

My style is affordable too, creativity is the most important ingredient used.

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Petunias remind me of my childhood. When I smelled these flowers, the petals covered my nose, and I giggled. As an adult, they still make me smile!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where I Live - Cool June Morning

This morning the air is cool.

The sun is peeking through the trees.

It is a good coffee morning, and this is a favorite spot for me in the mornings. Complete with the cute little companion, who by the way still needs a home. He was supposed to go with someone who has changed their mind now. In any case, he is an affectionate little fuzz ball!

It is a good morning for coffee, and a good morning to enjoy the sights and sounds around me.

Oh my goodness, it is too early for skinny dipping anyway!

The plants seem to enjoy morning coolness, I love watching them "wake up" and prepare themselves for the day ahead.

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I hope that your morning is lovely and pleasantly cool where you are. Early summer mornings are so enjoyable, thanks for visiting!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Join Me On The Porch

Please join me, the tea is fresh, the breeze is gentle and the air is comfortably cool.

There is a glass of tea waiting for us at the table. Franny the Fickle Ficus is in the corner, she likes it there.

We could sit here in the rockers if you like.

The pitcher was a gift from my daughter, she knows me so well!! Tea tastes better in a Mason jar to me. My husband made the tray and I stained and painted it.

The irrigation is on in the orchard, and the sun is shining through the leaves.

This sweet potato vine enjoys the sun, it grows at an amazing rate.

You could sit here and swing for awhile if you like. The front porch of an older home seems to beg for a swing.

A porch should be an inviting place to sit and enjoy a refreshing drink in my book. I like to use lots of fresh plants. There are ferns, an ornamental sweet potato vine, my ficus tree and a couple of aloe plants on my front porch.


The items that I use are thrifted, yard sale items, or free. The rocking chairs are a yard sale find, $4 each! The table is a freebie. It is an old end table. Remember that horrible "rustic" furniture from the 80's? It looks different with a coat or two of paint.


The flower cart is old, my husband sanded it. Trying to remember exactly, but I think it was a yard sale find several years ago. I painted the flag several years ago, the other items are dollar store finds, except for the aloe plant!

If you are afraid to mess up expensive pillows, shop yard sales and thrift stores. If something happens to them, and it eventually it will outside, you haven't lost a lot of money. I use quilts that were picked up inexpensively also. If you choose a damaged quilt, the damage may be able to be hidden by placing the pretty part on the outside.

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To make a front porch inviting, provide a place to sit. Different conversation areas are great if you have the space.

Use plants on your porch, they add a "live" touch. The cool green of the leaves is a welcome sight on super hot days!

Use things that you love on your porch, the front porch is a teaser for what a guest can expect from the rest of your home.

Provide plenty of bug spray and/or citronella candles.

Let your creativity take over and create a welcoming space to enjoy for you, your family, and guests. We use our porches almost all year, guests seem to enjoy sitting here as much as we do.


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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Welcome To My Front Porch

There are many things that I love about this old farmhouse, and this front porch is one of those loved things! Old homes tend to have larger front porches. There was a time before indoor air conditioning, that people slept on their porches. We don't sleep on our porches, but we spend a lot of time on them.

A requirement for enjoying an old porch is a glass of iced tea. We are happy to comply with that requirement! When we make homemade ice cream, it is enjoyed here.

There is room to create different spaces on this porch and this one of the spaces. This is one side of the porch, the other side will be shown later.


A corner chair provides a place to read a favorite book.


A large southern porch needs ferns too. This is a Boston Fern, not what I usually buy, but it was on sale for $5 last year. It survived the winter and has come back beautifully. Kimberly Queen ferns are the usual favorite. Mine are old, I have had them for over 5 years! They do not shed as bad making them a popular choice and can be kept for the winter if protected from the cold. Don't remember exactly how old they are, but we had them before we moved here 5 years ago.

My husband made this bench, I think he did a great job!

The star was a yard sale find and the flag was made from a piece of scrap lumber, I painted it a few years ago.

Summertime  and Americana go hand in hand. I love using that theme on this old front porch!


Would you like to sit here? I will bring you a glass of iced tea.

It is often called the house wine of the south.

It seems that I can't keep enough made in the summer.


It tastes best in an old jelly glass or a canning jar!

A porch is a great place to read a book. Erma Bombeck is a favorite, I have read this book at least a hundred times, it never gets old to me!

It is watermelon season here, the decor is every where! The watermelon pillow is old, but loved. A basket beside the chair holds a few favorite magazines. The magazine shown is old, but still lovely to look at.

Somehow I managed to take these pictures without the help of any of the barn cats, don't know how that happened. They are always looking for an opportunity to be a part of pictures!

There is generally a gentle breeze blowing here, making the porch a pleasant place to relax.

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Hoping that you enjoyed your visit and will come again, there is always a glass of tea waiting for you here, sweet tea of course! If we have run out, just wait a few minutes, I will make some more!

So here is the Before.

Here is the After.

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