Friday, June 1, 2012

The Green Room

Welcome to The Green Room. It is the Green Room because it is outside, the "carpet" is green and the "ceiling" is green. It is also green because everything in this Green Room is bona fide junk! Not sorta junk, but the real stuff, the stuff that would be in the dump taking up space if it were not here.
The sign was painted using some old boards left from some project, The paint was on hand, the post that holds the sign was leftover from a forgotten project. As you can see, Emmett was a bit shy this morning.


The lovely dining table is the top of an old spool that was used near the shed, the bottom rotted, but the top was intact. There were 3 tires in the shed, for whatever reason, they now form the base of this table. My husband screwed the tires together and secured the top to the base. The flower arrangement on top is the crock pot that died last month, filled with coleus, I did purchase the flowers for this room.


Wind chimes provide the music for this room. I purchased the cutlery from the thrift shop last weekend. Kevin hung the cutlery from fishing line, the top of the chimes are an old canning lid and rusty band.

This old birdhouse hung from a hook in the garden last year, it was looking shabby, so it did not have a home there any longer, but now it lives in the Green Room instead of the dump.

The bench had seen better days, but works just fine here. The containers holding the coleus are old coffee containers painted with the paint I had on hand. The plant stands are so very old, and were no longer used. The exquisite coffee table is simply 2 buckets that were trash can bound, with some old wood on top. My husband fashioned this top, and secured to the top of the buckets.

Mamie Jane has discovered that this table is an excellent spot for a bath. Humph, as much money as I paid for this table and she uses it for a bath tub!!!


My handy husband made the birdhouse. It is some old wood, leftover from my brother's deck, topped with a found license plate.

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This Green Room needs a special junque garden, hopefully that will happen this weekend. No promises though! The cutlery was purchased for the wind chimes, we used 4 knives and 1 spoon, cost .50 cents. The flowers were on sale, 2 six packs cost 1.25 each. One pack of coleus and one of impatiens were used in this room.
There is also cable TV for this room! You can watch one of the goat channels, 3 chicken channels, 1 duck channel, 5 rabbit channels, 2 dog channels, and 4 cat channels. the choice is yours. Real Country Living At My House is the cable provider. The fees are paid with feed, kitchen scraps and garden clippings.
If you visit this room, the hostess is happy to provide you with a glass of sweet tea to enjoy while you sit in this room, listening to the music, watching TV and enjoying the atmosphere provided by a room filled with furnishings rescued from a sad life that would have ended in the county dump! You will also enjoy the sense of humor of the hostess, or maybe not....

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  1. Ha ha ha! Melanie~ loved the tour of the Green Room!
    We have a similar room here...although as hot as it's been our carpet is turning an amber yellow color...
    I love the crock-pot with the Coleus plant~very clever!
    And you have all my favorite channels on the tube too! Sounds like Animal Planet--lol!

    Not to copy you or anything...but I was just looking at some scraps I had the other day and thinking I should find some license plates and make some bird houses out of it...

    -Love the Green room, Pat

    1. LOL!!! Thanks Pat!!! We enjoy watching those channels!!
      As for the birdhouses, it is not my original idea, don't even remember where I first saw it. Go for it, can't wait to see your birdhouses!!! That is part of the fun of blogging, sharing and "copying" each other!!! If there is a use for it, why waste it? Thanks for visiting!!!

  2. PS... i forgot to tell you, besides water, my favorite beverage is Sweet Iced Tea...I like mine in a pickle jar please! Pat

    1. Then you would be happy here!!! That is how we drink tea and water too!!!


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