Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Musing - Little Peep

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Little Peep is a chicken, however her mother was a duck. No, the duck did not lay a chicken egg, but she sat on this egg. Our duck, Aunt Bea felt the need to set. Aunt Bea formed a nest and began hiding her eggs, and taking the eggs that Clara laid, moving the eggs to her nest. Now that would not be a big deal if we had a male duck. The unfertilized eggs would begin to smell if Aunt Bea continued to set on them. Now Aunt Bea would be terribly upset if we took her duck eggs and she came back to an empty nest. We did not want to deal with an angry hopeful mama duck. We took a few eggs at a time out of her nest, and replaced them with chicken eggs. Aunt Bea did not complain, she continued to set and carefully covered the eggs each time she left the nest. Bath time became short for Aunt Bea, she did not take the time to play in the pool, but bathed quickly and ran back to her nest. This devoted hopeful mama kept the eggs warm and turned. We counted the days, and then noticed that there were fewer eggs in her nest. Something was happening to her eggs. One Saturday morning, Kevin called me to come outside, he was holding a partially hatched egg, with a cold but still alive chick. He found this chick on the ground, away from the nest. Perhaps Clara was jealous, and removed the chick as it began to hatch. We pulled out the homemade incubator, and placed the chick inside monitoring the temperature. The chick did not move, but gradually began warming up. The chick survived the night. This chick is now named Little Peep, and was the only chick to survive. Little Peep is smaller than the other chicks, and is alone for now. Little Peep lives in the brooder, and spends the day pecking, running and enjoying cool fresh water. Aunt Bea has not been introduced to Little Peep. She does not know that her perseverance paid off. One day soon, they will meet, and perhaps something in Aunt Bea’s heart will stir, and she will know that her hard work is the reason Little Peep is alive.


  1. What a sweet story of survival! I hope the little one makes it.:)

  2. Thank you Sandy!! Hoping that Little Peep is NOT a rooster!

  3. Aww...I wish the best for Little Peep! Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  4. Aunt Bea has quite a story, but perhaps she needs a bit of therapy, ya think?! Great story!!

  5. Thanks Shelia and Sweet Tea!!

    Sweet Tea, yeah, kinda think Aunt Bea needs a little therapy!


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