Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Have an Announcement

Excuse me! Excuse me, is everyone listening, I have an announcement!
Come on, I brushed my tooth before I had this picture made so that I would look extra good, now pay attention to what I have to say!


Atticus, wake up, I have an announcement, are you forgetting how important I am around here? I am the dog! Now wake up!

Miss Mary, hurry up and come on over here! I have an announcement!


Don't stop to listen to him, come on, Are you all forgetting that I am the dog?


Little Peep, you can eat later, now listen up!

Are you girls paying attention to me?

My announcement is about this little kitten, the really cute little black one in the picture below.

Yes, that one right there. Well, first of all, it is a she, not a he! But the big news is this, her name is Ebby, short for Ebony!

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She now has a name! Guess that she is staying here with us now. Okay, you can all go back to what you were doing, Honey has made her announcement, the dog has spoken.


  1. Oh, what a sweetie. We used to have a black cat named Ebony. I am so glad to hear she is staying! What happened to the dog you recently rescued? Haven't seen that sweet one lately.

    1. Sophie is doing great! We had to cut her fur so fara back, I haven't posted any pictures becasue she looked pitiful! You can't feel her ribs anymore!!! Woo Hoo!! She has food daily and regularly, that was a change for her. Working on our manners slowly, and she is doing excellent! Amazing what love does for an animal! She acts as if she appreciates everything that we do for her, and she is very attached to us now. Thanks Sandy!!


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