Monday, August 27, 2012


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Gladys, Irene and Doc

This week we lost a good laying hen, her name was Irene. Something tried to pull her through the fence; our guess is that it was a raccoon. Kevin came into the kitchen to tell me that something had happened to one of the girls. I asked him which one. Irritated, he looked at me and told me that he didn’t know her name. One would think that after being married to me for 9 years, he would know some of these things by now. He just said that it was the old Dominicker.
Duetta. Huetta, and Louetta had been our first chickens. Huetta and Louetta have gone on to that chicken yard in the sky. Admittedly I was sad. Duetta had eaten from my hand when she was a chick. Later that morning, I walked out there to check on things.
Irene, the young Dominicker/Americauna cross breed was missing! Irene was a lovely girl. Her mother had been a Dominicker and her father was the evil Americauna that taught me to carry a big stick into the chicken pen. Panicking, I began searching for her. I looked at Mister and told him that he was not doing his job. Mister stuck out his chest and the feathers on his neck went up, but he eyed the magic rooster stick in my hand, and wisely chose not to approach me. Clover’s empty pen was searched, Emmet’s pen and house were searched, I walked around the yard searching and calling. I went to Aunt Bea and Clara’s pen, no Irene. Suddenly, a Dominicker walked past. I stopped and looked, it was Duetta!
Kevin was wrong, but if Duetta is okay, then Irene was the victim. The realization began to sink in, my lovely Irene, the gentle girl with the blue feather at the bottom of each wing was gone. Honestly Kevin should take the time to learn their names to prevent further misunderstandings.
Clover would not have allowed this to happen. The remainder of the flock is on alert, hoping that this predator does not return. There will be fewer eggs now. Little Peep is not laying yet. Chickens have a shorter life span than people. It is my job to take care of them while they are here and enjoy the eggs! Next year, there may be more, and a list of potential names is ready for the newcomers.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Yesterday's Visit With Daddy

Most days, I know that I will be lucky to get little flickers or glimpses of my sweet Daddy, yesterday was wonderfully different! When we were about to leave, I walked next to him and told him that I was about to go home. He asked when I would be able to come back. I told him that I would come back today, he smiled and said "Okay".  I leaned forward and kissed his cheek, as I did, he turned his face and kissed my cheek at the same time!!!! I said "I love you Daddy" and he looked at me and said "I love you too shugga, y'all be careful now". I wanted to cry tears of joy!!! As I was walking away he said, "I love you Baby". He understood what he was saying, and he understood what I said!!!!! It was brief, a few moments of clarity, much more than we usually get.

I was thrilled beyond words!!! I was a little heart sickened, because I asked God if Daddy could tell me he loved me, understand what it meant, smile and understand that I love him too before he leaves us. Is this the last time I will hear it? Is the time to leave us near? My head understands the situation, and it tries to talk to my heart and tell it all of those things. My heart does not always agree to see things the same way.

The short ride home, my mind replayed the incident over and over, trying to hold on to every second in my memory. If this was the last time, I want it recorded, so that I can look back at a happy memory. If it is not the last time, then it will remain a happy memory for me. My heart is afraid that it is the last time I will hear those words, but my heart feels that way each time that he says it to me. Life is precious and short, even if our loved ones are not sick, the time we spend with them should be treated as if it is special. After all, those exact moments will never happen again.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Farmhouse Guestroom

Farmhouse Style fits our home, as it is truly an old farmhouse. It is a casual and comfortable mix of styles. Farmhouses were filled with simply what they had. There were no decorator rooms, or expensive furnishings. Decor, if any was done by the lady of the house. Practicality was always the purpose of each room.


Linens that are now considered vintage, an old quilt and an old bed were used to "make the bed". The bed frame was found on my parents home place many years ago. Daddy cleaned it up and painted it. My daughter used this bed when she was a child. The quilt came from an antique store and the linens were purchased at an estate sale.


A combination of furniture styles and textures were used in farm homes. There was not always a guestroom in farm homes, as there was not always an extra room.

My Grandparents lived in a farmhouse, this was the style that I remember from their home. Their home was always clean, and the furnishings were a well loved mixture of items collected through the years mixed with love to create their home.

Furniture was not discarded because it showed signs of wear. Some pieces were painted, and sometimes another use was found for a piece.

Linens were attractive and functional.

The "good" linens were saved for company!

The furniture was passed down from generation to generation, built by someone with skill, or purchased and cherished by the owners. It was not fancy or expensive furniture, it served a purpose.

Many times, I have wondered about the original owners of this house. What did this house look like after it was built and what was their furniture like? Did the owners purchase or make any new pieces of furniture for their new home? My mind wonders and imagines what it may have looked like. The furnishings represent my personal taste that has been lovingly applied to this old farmhouse.


Hopefully, it is as casual, imperfect and inviting as this old home feels.

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This is what home feels like to us, even in our guest room.


Cozy Little House for Tweak it Tuesday

Trish's Heart and Home for Heart and Home

Lavendar Garden Cottage for Cottage Style Linky Party


Recently, I read an article about fitness goals. There were things that a woman should be able to do according to this article. I am not a woman that spends her days sitting around, so I thought let's see if I can do these things.
A woman should be able to do this yoga pose called the Tree, or something like that. So I stood up and did it and held it for the correct amount of time. My inner smarty pants thought this would be a breeze, because after all, I am a woman that drives a truck. Not a fancy schmancy truck, but a 1993 Ford F-250! Oh yeah it is snowing in the picture below, because that is how cool my truck is! Now that is a work truck!!


Clover would have loved this, because I was her caretaker. Clover was a hands on kind of goat, not some namby pamby goat that responds to commands. Clover had her own mind and exercised her personal iron will to get her way. No cookie was safe if Clover was around! Wondering if the writer of that article has ever dealt with a cantankerous goat? How about an escaped goat, while wearing their pajamas, ugly orange work coat, and chore boots? I have, and I got her back in the pen by myself. How is that for a fitness goal?

The article stated that women should be able to do push ups, not the girl kind on your knees, the man kind - on your toes. Now, this is contrary to what I have heard my whole life, but I tried it. I did not succeed. I can however say that I am a woman that handles animals alone. The cute little bunnies may be in their cages but has the writer ever tamed a bunny? I have the scars to prove that I have done it! The writer has perhaps never tamed any animal. Wondering what the writer of that article knows about dealing with livestock? 

The word marathon was mentioned. Remember that I have chickens and ducks also? Roosters can be mean, what about a duck wanna be mama, enough said?

It's not like I am lazy, in fact I rarely sit still. In addition to dealing with animals, I take things apart and put them back together. Things like once ugly furniture and make them pretty. Like the kitchen desk below.

What about my dining room table and chairs? That was hard work!

Or the china cabinet?

People who say gardening is not work have never lived in South Georgia. Obviously they haven't gardened in the heat and humidity that happens here in the summer.  There is a LOT of sweat involved, even in the morning hours. That sweat is worth it. The vegetables can't be beat. Who needs high heels, and a 9 to 5, so they can shop at a store to purchase produce that was not just picked a few minutes ago, and pay to attend a gym? My workouts are free and the fresh healthy food is more nutritious. The eggs are more nutritious too!

There are flowers to tend here.

The weeds do not take a vacation in the heat. More sweat and more work.

There is work to be done here everyday. My creative side takes over sometimes and creates things that everyone may not like. The Green Room for instance, was an example. My sense of humor (or lack there of) took over this project. The "carpet" and ceiling are "green", until winter of course. It is also a "green" room because everything in that outdoor room is recycled!

The article mentioned planks, no I didn't feel the need to try that. I already have some planks, like the planks used in this tray.

There are the planks used in the "coffee table" in the Green Room.

Then, there is this plank over the tub. It holds items for a lovely bath. The writer wants planks, well I got em!

There is always work to do here, but there is also relaxation.

There is time to unwind and rest after the work is done.

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Times like this remind me why I gave up that 9 to 5 and those high heels! Perhaps my body does not meet that writers standards, but could that writer meet my standards? Yes, sometimes I would like the opportunity to work some of those people and show them what kind of workout I get daily!
They may not understand my lifestyle. I can say that I have tried theirs and prefer mine! Could I get you a glass of tea? We have work to do afterwards!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet Beatrice

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Allow me to introduce Beatrice. If you know me, then you already know that I name everything. Our animals, the plants on my porches, the oak tree that once lived in front of our house – his name was Clem, and my tool bag, Beatrice. Yes I remember each of their names. There is a method to my madness, the rabbits get flower names, the chickens get lovely southern names, the ferns get names that start with an F, and the peace lilies get names that start with an E, with the exception of Faustine, and her offspring Delma.
Don’t worry; I have a perfectly logical reason that the tool bag has a name. There is a certain someone that “borrows” tools and leaves them outside or confiscates the tools for his own tool box. Please understand that my old tool box was simple, a hammer, my handy-dandy ratchet action screw driver, a tape measure and a few other inexpensive tools. Yet someone chose not to return my tools, this same person would have fatal heart failure had his tools not been returned or left outside!
We had made another mind numbing, sleep inducing trip, to the tool aisle of a local store; someone needed a tool that was not in my box. Then I saw her. She was pink, and let me say that the clouds cleared away, a golden light shone down and the sound of angels singing was heard. Not only was the bag pink, but the tools inside were pink! My heart danced and sang a joyous song. My problem was solved, what man wants to use pink tools from a pink bag?
I named her Beatrice. Life isn’t always fair, and sadly, something happened to my sweet little screw driver, the one with the changeable thingies for the end, well it is now missing.
There must be a way to end this madness. Another way to thwart the tool thief’s efforts must be discovered. My creative inner self was furious. Flashes of glitter, ribbons, feathers and lace danced in my mind, along with the fragrance of my favorite potpourri.
This story ends with a warning. If you see a certain someone, and he has glitter on his hands, smells of a delightful fragrance, and has ribbon stuck to his clothes, he has pilfered the contents of Beatrice. This heartless tool thief must be stopped!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monday Musing (a day late) - Technology

The truth about me is that I am not tech savvy, as my only offspring will quickly tell you. What this tech savvy daughter of mine has not realized yet, is that one day she will find herself in my shoes, as I have found myself in my own Mama’s shoes.
There was a time that I could not understand why Mama felt that way. Why did she seemingly resist the technology that would make life easier? Perhaps there are ways that technology could make my life easier. I imagine some super technical device that would automatically feed and water the animals, keep track of the things that my brain and eyes do, and would have some super technological stuff that would have to be done before you could press the button. Then I would miss the opportunity to interact with them, and how would Clover feel about that? More importantly to Clover, would this device deliver the treats that she expects, or rather demands?
Don’t get me wrong, the technological advances that have been made in the field of medicine have made the difference between life and death for many of us and are much appreciated. There are also numerous things that we enjoy and use in our modern lives. Internet, cell phones, coffee makers, and microwaves are but a few of the items that offer convenience to our lives. This was written on my husband’s stupid computer; and as much as I despise the thing it is easier than the manual typewriter that I learned to type on. Admittedly I had almost grown affectionate towards Windows XP when my own computer died; taking with it the old version of Microsoft Word that I almost liked and almost knew how to use. We consider these items, even if we find them annoying at times, necessities of life rather than luxuries.
While I have chosen to use these and other modern day conveniences, I also choose to do some things manually. Clover eats from my hand, as she expects, my husband’s meals are prepared manually, and various other chores are completed by human power. While you will find me on a couple of social networking sites, know that it is because of my tech savvy daughter. She drags me kicking and screaming into this changing world of technology.
This world changes quicker than I am able to learn it. I understand what Mama was talking about now, and must admit that I am not able to keep up with all of this technology either. Sitting here listening to the crickets, I realize that it is okay, and don’t care about my lack of tech knowledge. I am able to function without stopping to update my status on social networks, watching the latest, most popular whateveritis on TV and don’t have to txt my bff’s, while dismantling the English language.
When my daughter reads this, she will more than likely show up at my door, and force me to learn something new. The rumbling that you may feel and the sounds of screams that you may hear coming from the southern part of the county, will be because my daughter is again attempting to bring her mama into the 21st century.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Today's Blessing

Each day, you have many choices to make. I am an Alzheimer's daughter, I could make the choice to be sad and cry all of the time. Admittedly I do cry, but tears will not control my life. Each day that I visit, I decide to look for that little piece of Daddy that is still there, that is a choice that I freely make. The rewards are amazing! Some days it is a challenge to find them, however I appreciate those pieces more when they are a challenge to discover.

Daddy and me

When you find that seemingly insignificant tiny piece, you know that it was a gift! Today Daddy looked at me and he spoke my name! That was my first blessing today, when I left he looked at me and said "be careful". When I was a teen, I hated it, as a young adult it was silly, now it is a blessing!!! I am overjoyed when he says that to me now.

Daddy and me

Daddy has blue eyes, and when he smiles, they twinkle! Most days, he does not smile, but if we can get a smile, I want to shout! I took that lovely smile for granted most of my life. Now, it is a reason to rejoice when I see it!
If I made the choice to spend my days crying and being sad, I would miss those little pieces of Daddy that make my heart sing!

Posted by PicasaDaddy and Mama

This morning, I carried his coffee to him, he did not smile, but he said "thank you". He took a swallow and said "coffee is good". I smiled and agreed with him, I was happy to sit next to my Daddy while he drank his morning coffee. He looked out of the window and watched the hummingbirds coming to the feeder. He was peaceful and seemed content to just sit there and watch the morning sights while enjoying his coffee. I was content, my heart knows that these moments will come to an end quicker than I would like, and I cherish each one.
There is a regret, I wish that I had kept a journal of every visit, and recorded what piece of Daddy that I received as a blessing today. I will not spend my time mourning that regret though. Today was a good day and I am grateful for the pieces of Daddy that I got to see today!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where I Live - The Heaviness of Humidity

Today the humidity is forecast to be stifling, temps should be in the low 90's. It is wonderful to have temps that low in August, but the humidity will make up for it. Walking outside on days like that, it feels as if someone threw a wet hot blanket on you.


We have had some rain here, but it has been measured in tenths of an inch. There have been some wells to go dry during this drought.


The ferns thrive in this humidity.


I make myself remember, that every morning is an opportunity to start fresh. There are many possibilities for the day ahead, many good things could happen today. Daddy could recognize me and tell me that he loves me today, that is always the one thing that I hope for each day.

Morning is my favorite time in the country, just watching the world wake up. The birds and plants seem to know that they have been given a gift, just by waking up this morning, and there are limitless possibilities for what this day holds. Rain possibly?

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If not today, then tomorrow will arrive with it's possibilities, and I am thankful for the gift of waking up, so that I can watch the world around me greet another morning. I am thankful that I can still visit Daddy, even if he does not know it, I know it!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Versatile Blogger

First, I must apologize to Pat at Corn in My Coffee Pot and
 Peggy at The Decorating Files.
They have both awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award, and I have failed to get a post up before now. If you have missed either of these wonderful blogs, go and have a look! You will not be disappointed!
Thank you both for thinking of me! Blogging continues to be a learning experience for me.


7 Random Facts About Me

1.  I am obviously not a florist, but I love to play with flowers.
2.  I love animals, they love me back, and for some reason every time that I visit the vet's office, some one's pet ends up sitting in my lap! I don't mind though. Once a lady had her dog in the office and other kids wanted to pet the dog, she told them that the dog was not friendly, but the dog kept coming to me and sitting on my foot, and propping his head on my knee! When they left, he was trying to get back to me!
3.  I like to create paintings, but rarely show them to anyone. 
4.  I consider eating tacos for breakfast a special treat! Leftover tacos mean breakfast for me!
5.  I name everything, the barn cats - even the ones that are not mine, the chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, the plants on my porch, and even my tool bag. Her name is Beatrice.
6.  I love to read, but rarely have the time to sit down and enjoy a good book the way I would like to.
7.  My mind thinks all of the time, it is creating things at all times, and is annoying at times, especially when I am trying to go to sleep.


When I started this blog in 2009, my life became super busy, and I put it aside for a time. Last year I came back to this blog, there were only a few posts, I still wanted a creative outlet. Blogging provides that outlet.


Atticus enjoys having his picture made, so blogging gives him the opportunity to be photographed.


It is a learning experience. I want to improve, or develop photography skills. There is much to learn!


This blog gives me that opportunity.


Blogging is an escape, it allows me to back away from the fact that I am an Alzheimer's daughter, for a few moments I am just Melanie. Reality is always waiting, but the momentary reprieve is appreciated. There are times that I write about my experiences as an Alzheimer's. daughter. There are also times that the emotions are too raw to share with others. Sadly, it takes the experience of the beast to be able to relate to the disease.


The experience is shared with those that read this blog to a certain extent, but that knowledge is with me, waiting for me after a brief rest.


My husband recognizes this, and willingly works on projects with me. He built the red bench above, I painted it though!


The animals make their way into the pictures. Mamie Jane is in the picture above, and yes, she is as sweet as she looks. Unless you are a mouse, then you may have a different opinion.


Gardening is another new experience. There have always been plants on my porch, but never a garden. Creating something from nothing is another favorite past time, such as the signs above.


The potting bench is another item created by my husband. I told him what I wanted and he built it. He used old wood, at my request, and created this bench without plans. He is talented!


Animals continue to fascinate me! This is little peep, caught in mid-peck! She was in the duck's nest, her adopted mother. Aunt Bea, was a duck!

This birdhouse is another request that I made of my husband.


Some of my ideas are quirky, such as this table and the plant. Everything was junk, and everything needs to have a use if you are going to keep it!


Painting furniture is something else that I do to give my brain a rest.


The animals keep me busy! Aunt Bea is the duck up front, Clara is in the back. Clara did not like the new chick, so she was removed for her own protection.


This was Emmett's first visit to the vet. The resident cat stayed with us the whole time, making sure that Emmett was okay.


I appreciate the award that has been given to me! This blogging experience continues to challenge me, it gives my mind a chance to escape to a happier place, and the friends that I have made have touched my heart in their own lovely ways!!


I am so happy that I took a shot at blogging, and look forward to making more new friends along the way.

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I am grateful for each reader, and still get a thrill out of each comment! It is exciting to see that there are comments! Thank you for taking the time to visit, and I enjoy reading your blogs as well!! There are many things to learn, and new challenges ahead. There are days that the current crazy state of my life keeps me from blogging, but the blog is here waiting for me. It is my respite from the insanity of my life.

Thanks again Pat, at Corn in My Coffee Pot
Peggy at The Decorating Files.

If you haven't already, pay these wonderful ladies a visit! You will find their blogs to be a delight!