Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Recently, I read an article about fitness goals. There were things that a woman should be able to do according to this article. I am not a woman that spends her days sitting around, so I thought let's see if I can do these things.
A woman should be able to do this yoga pose called the Tree, or something like that. So I stood up and did it and held it for the correct amount of time. My inner smarty pants thought this would be a breeze, because after all, I am a woman that drives a truck. Not a fancy schmancy truck, but a 1993 Ford F-250! Oh yeah it is snowing in the picture below, because that is how cool my truck is! Now that is a work truck!!


Clover would have loved this, because I was her caretaker. Clover was a hands on kind of goat, not some namby pamby goat that responds to commands. Clover had her own mind and exercised her personal iron will to get her way. No cookie was safe if Clover was around! Wondering if the writer of that article has ever dealt with a cantankerous goat? How about an escaped goat, while wearing their pajamas, ugly orange work coat, and chore boots? I have, and I got her back in the pen by myself. How is that for a fitness goal?

The article stated that women should be able to do push ups, not the girl kind on your knees, the man kind - on your toes. Now, this is contrary to what I have heard my whole life, but I tried it. I did not succeed. I can however say that I am a woman that handles animals alone. The cute little bunnies may be in their cages but has the writer ever tamed a bunny? I have the scars to prove that I have done it! The writer has perhaps never tamed any animal. Wondering what the writer of that article knows about dealing with livestock? 

The word marathon was mentioned. Remember that I have chickens and ducks also? Roosters can be mean, what about a duck wanna be mama, enough said?

It's not like I am lazy, in fact I rarely sit still. In addition to dealing with animals, I take things apart and put them back together. Things like once ugly furniture and make them pretty. Like the kitchen desk below.

What about my dining room table and chairs? That was hard work!

Or the china cabinet?

People who say gardening is not work have never lived in South Georgia. Obviously they haven't gardened in the heat and humidity that happens here in the summer.  There is a LOT of sweat involved, even in the morning hours. That sweat is worth it. The vegetables can't be beat. Who needs high heels, and a 9 to 5, so they can shop at a store to purchase produce that was not just picked a few minutes ago, and pay to attend a gym? My workouts are free and the fresh healthy food is more nutritious. The eggs are more nutritious too!

There are flowers to tend here.

The weeds do not take a vacation in the heat. More sweat and more work.

There is work to be done here everyday. My creative side takes over sometimes and creates things that everyone may not like. The Green Room for instance, was an example. My sense of humor (or lack there of) took over this project. The "carpet" and ceiling are "green", until winter of course. It is also a "green" room because everything in that outdoor room is recycled!

The article mentioned planks, no I didn't feel the need to try that. I already have some planks, like the planks used in this tray.

There are the planks used in the "coffee table" in the Green Room.

Then, there is this plank over the tub. It holds items for a lovely bath. The writer wants planks, well I got em!

There is always work to do here, but there is also relaxation.

There is time to unwind and rest after the work is done.

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Times like this remind me why I gave up that 9 to 5 and those high heels! Perhaps my body does not meet that writers standards, but could that writer meet my standards? Yes, sometimes I would like the opportunity to work some of those people and show them what kind of workout I get daily!
They may not understand my lifestyle. I can say that I have tried theirs and prefer mine! Could I get you a glass of tea? We have work to do afterwards!


  1. It sounds like you have a wonderful life filled with the things you love. Isn't it something that some folks spend their lives doing what they don't enjoy because they're stuck! I too, am grateful to be able to stay home and piddle! :) Not that you piddle. You're a heavy duty piddler! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Woo Hoo, a heavy duty piddler!!! That is a good description!!! Yes, my life is filled with the things that I love and those heels are in the closet!!! Thanks for visiting Shelia!!!

  2. Loved this...
    I too have a busy active life... although some days I'm at the computer for too long.
    But for the most part... I say, Yoga is for sissies!

    ...no regrets, Pat

    1. Oh yeah, yoga is for sissies, they should try to keep up with me for a day!! Thanks Pat!!!

  3. Great post--chasing after animals, painting and all that, I think you get plenty of excerise!

    1. Why thank you Sandy, I feel that workout at the end of each day!!! Thanks!!!


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