Thursday, September 6, 2012

Country Home Magazine

There are some magazines that are just too good to toss, in fact the one below is one that I will not loan out. It is that good to me! Browsing through this magazine never gets old or boring to me.
This is by no means a new magazine, but it is well loved.
The pictures have been viewed so many times, they should be memorized by now. I love this porch! I need this porch!
This bedroom is so pretty to me. My guestroom should look just like this one! Every detail is perfect, it looks comfortable and inviting. I need this bedroom!
Love this basket that holds towels. I need a basket like that too!
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Big Sigh!! Still love this magazine!
Do you do this too? Do you keep certain magazines? Please tell me that I am not alone!!! This one is too good to toss, the pictures are as lovely to me now as they were when it was published 10 years ago. Country Home is one of my favorite magazines anyway, but this issue grabbed my attention all of the way through. Just don't ask to borrow this magazine, after 10 years, I am not ready to part with it yet!


  1. Hi Melanie! Oh, I truly understand. I have some decorating mags that I can just not let go of! :)
    I keep them in a basket and pull them out periodically to get inspiration.
    This looks like a great one.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Glad that I am not alone!!! Thanks Shelia!!!

  2. Oh, ok, you are not alone, lol! I have tons of old magazines, and ALWAYS keep all of the holiday ones, especilly the fall ones. I have a stack of OLD fall magazines on my coffee table right now.

    1. Woo Hoo Teresa!! I am not alone!!! I keep the holiday ones and the fall magazines too!!! So much inspiration, why would I throw them away!!! Thanks Teresa!!!!

  3. I keep magazines too! I have come up with curious and unique ways to hoard....ehem,er uh, hide them! I like to put them on display too. They are so pretty and inspiring to look at too.
    Works of Art! Pat

    1. Pat, if you have a way to display them, then you are not hoarding them. displaying is a practical use, right? Can't throw away the good ones can we? Thanks Pat!!!! I am not alone keeping the good magazines!!!! Now share some of those unique ways with me, I might need to use them!!!

  4. Hey
    I share your feelings...
    Here in India we do not get country homes or country living and so I tell my sis to buy a few for me from the USA where she stays they are a real treasure for me.
    I love to go thro them when I want to relax and have those pics in front of my eyes .. I would love to own some of the things but I know I can only dream of them...
    But the pleasure is in dreaming too.....

    1. You are right, the pleasure is in dreaming and dreaming is free! Thanks for visiting!!!


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