Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Musing - Life With Atticus

This is an article from the past. There was a mix up and my article did not run in yesterday's paper. Atticus was happy to step in and be the subject of today's musing. Wishing everyone a great Labor Day!

Atticus was named after one of my favorite literary characters, Atticus Finch, from the novel To Kill A Mockingbird. Atticus Finch was wise, my Atticus, not so much. Atticus Finch was a lean man in the movie, again my Atticus, different story. My Atticus has this white mark over his lip, and appears to be dignified, looks are often deceiving. The character Atticus was a kind man, my Atticus is, well he is a jerk.
He is however, my jerk. Disaster, mischief and Atticus are close friends. Atticus has chosen me to be his person. That means that if he decides that he is hungry at 3 a.m., Kevin is not the person he wakes up. If he wants to sleep on TOP of someone, Kevin is not the person he sleeps on top of. All 5,000 pounds of him, no he really doesn’t weigh that much, it just feels like it. Should I make the mistake of sitting down, Atticus is there to put an end to any ideas of rest.
The Christmas of 2010, I got the crazy idea to put up a Christmas tree. Thinking that Atticus may not bother a fake tree, we purchased one. The tree was assembled, the lights carefully placed on the tree, I made the mistake of leaving the room for few moments. Walking back into the living room, I watched the tree sway, and crash to the floor. Atticus came running out of my tree. The whole scene was like something out of a cartoon, only it was a real life moment. Needless to say the tree was ruined, as were the lights and part of that tree has never been found.
The first time Atticus chose to run down the stairs was a terrifying moment. It sounded as if the house was being destroyed, or maybe an entire herd of wild horses was running downstairs. It was merely Atticus having some fun. He always stops at the end of his mischief and looks at me, rubs against my legs and meows softly. Atticus knows when he does something that he shouldn’t.
Atticus watched me play the piano, and decided to give it a try. He believes that anything that I do, he does better. Atticus jumped up onto the bench. Pressing the keys with his front paws, he mimicked what he had watched me do. It was not music to my ears; perhaps Atticus had a different opinion. Looking at the picture, you will notice Atticus sitting on the piano keys. I now keep it closed to prevent Atticus from doing that again.
Why, you may ask, do we keep such a creature of mischief in our home? The answer is simple. Atticus has a toy mouse, and this mouse is attacked regularly, and with a vengeance. Should a real mouse make the mistake of coming into my home, the outcome would not be pretty. I consider it worth the price of his mischief to prevent these unwelcome events. Not to mention the tears and freak out cleaning session that would occur if a mouse found his way into our home.
This story ends with a promise to all rodents, you are not welcome here! Atticus is around and waiting. My feels like 5,000 pounds, mischievous jerk is waiting, rodents beware!
Missing piece update - I have to be honest and tell you that we found the missing piece of the Christmas Tree 1 year later. You can read about it here. If you are wondering what Atticus is thinking about, you can read about it here. As I said, he may be a mischievous jerk, but he is my mischievous jerk.


  1. Your Atticus sounds so much like my Punky...... It's a love/hate relationship between the two of us. Not really hate though...... I just wish he wouldn't wake me up every morning between 2 and 4..... walking on top of me and playing with everything on the night stand. When he lays on top of me and does (what I call the ballerina) then I love him.
    Animals are such a blessing!
    Keeping you in my prayers....

    I can not imagine my life without my dog and cat!!

    1. I know exactly what you mean!! Why is the stuff on the night stand so appealing to cats? LOL!! I guess that they are just looking for any opportunity to be the center of attention!!! Animals are a blessing!!!! Thank you my friend!!!!!


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